Jennifer Lopez has a luxury bodyguard ... Ben Affleck has indeed improvised vigilante last weekend when a fan a little excited approached a little too close to his companion at the airport in Venice.

Photos of the incident posted by Page Six show a somewhat disheveled, bearded (and unmasked) man approaching the stars to take a selfie.

Quickly, the

Justice League


puts his hand on the intruder chest and prevents him from moving forward.

Jennifer Lopez's "official" bodyguard then intervenes to expel this overzealous fan and allow Bennifer to join their plane.

First exit

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were in Venice to present the actor's latest film,

The Last Duel

, which he co-wrote with his friend Matt Damon, also in the cast.

The couple drew all the attention when they arrived on the red carpet at La Mostra.

It was indeed Bennifer's first “official” outing since they got back together.

While they have appeared under the paparazzi lenses on several occasions since they reunited last April, they had never been to an official event before.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez separated in 2004 after two years of relationship.

They got back together when the

Jenny From the Block performer

broke up with her fiance Alex Rodriguez this year.


JLo's mother plays in a commercial directed by Ben Affleck ... Matt Pokora repeats his text ...

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