#Lifestyle.. 3 basic tips for a bright skin

With high temperature and increased humidity, the skin needs special care to enjoy a radiant look.

Here are three essential tips from trained dermatologist and Herbal Essentials product representative, Dr.

Kimi Fabuciwa, to help you take care of your precious skin this summer.

Peeling and lightening

Exfoliation and lightening are the key to beautiful radiance.

Exfoliation helps remove the outer layer of the skin from dead or weak cells, paving the way for the fresh, young skin underneath.

For lightening, you may need ingredients such as vitamin C and vitamin E, which also help to regenerate skin cells.

Like all skin care products, durability is the most important factor.

Over time, a proper skin care regimen along with a healthy, balanced diet, and sun protection will lead to healthy, luminous skin.

Skin cleanser

Dry skin needs a moisturizing skin cleanser that contains moisturizing ingredients, such as sunflower oil and glycerin.

Himalayan micellar water is also an effective way to remove make-up and gently cleanse the skin without irritating it.

mud mask

Breakout-prone skin needs a clay mask to draw out impurities from deep within the pores.

The illuminating mask with papain and honey is ideal for exfoliation, rejuvenation and brighter, more vibrant skin.

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