Spiritual democracy

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“Genius of France: the true meaning of secularism” (Albin Michel) by Abdennour Bidar and “Va where your heart leads you” (Albin Michel) by Gabriel Ringlet © Albin Michel

By: Geneviève Delrue

49 mins


In his last essay

“Genius of France: the true meaning of secularism”


Albin Michel

), Abdennour Bidar

delivers a deep and scholarly meditation on France and French secularism in which he sees one of the expressions of his

“genius”. "


For the philosopher of the Sufi faith, this often misinterpreted secularism offers the guarantee of a higher spiritual life.

“Go where your heart takes you”

(Albin Michel


, the latest essay by Belgian theologian and writer

Gabriel Ringlet,  

echoes the news.

The biblical figure of the Prophet Elijah, the fundamentalist who killed his opponents before joining a God of mercy, transposed in Afghanistan could be that of a Taliban who would convert to a God of gentleness.


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