Why does Apple advise iPhone users to stay away from motorcycle engines?

Apple has warned iPhone owners that the cameras of newer versions of iPhones may be damaged by vibrations from motorcycle engines.

The company explained, in a statement on its official website, that exposure to high-amplitude vibrations generated by motorcycle engines and within a certain frequency range, can degrade the performance of the camera system in iPhone devices.

The company explained that the effects are related to the camera systems in iPhone 7 and later devices, which contain optical image stabilization and closed-loop autofocus, which helps to take great pictures even in difficult conditions.

These systems neutralize motion and vibration to allow users to capture images more efficiently.

The company warns that direct and prolonged exposure to high amplitude vibrations may degrade the performance of these systems and reduce the quality of photos and videos.

To avoid this, the company recommends not attaching iPhones to the handlebars or chassis of motorcycles with large engines.

As for motorcycles with small or electric motors, the company recommends using a holder that contains a shock absorber to avoid affecting the iPhone camera.