[Explanation] The White Paper on China's Pet Industry in 2019 shows that while the number of pets is growing, about 3 million pets die each year in China.

Relevant data show that after the death of a pet, 53.9% of people are willing to purchase pet funeral services.

To this end, the reporter visited a small shop called "Maoqiu Yiguan" in Sansheng Township, Chengdu, and visited the pet funeral industry.

  Entering the "Maoqiu Recollection Hall", it is divided into reception area, host waiting area, body beauty room, farewell room, ice coffin temporary storage area, indoor and outdoor burial area, storage room, photo gallery, etc.

The reporter saw in the body grooming room that the pet funeralist Gan Yali was carefully cleaning the body and combing the hair of a dead Chihuahua to restore it to the cute appearance before his death as much as possible. After the treatment, he sent it to the side. The farewell room, let the pet and the owner make the final goodbye.

  Gan Yali told reporters that today’s pet funeral service has a complete set of procedures. First, the pets are cleaned and arranged, and the farewell ceremony is arranged. Provide pet ashes storage or pet cemetery burial services.

Gan Yali, who has been doing pet funerals for almost three years, has "served" nearly 800 pets. What impressed her most was that a hostess learned that her golden retriever had kidney failure, and she needed to spend seven to eighty thousand for treatment. After that, he did not hesitate to take out the 100,000 yuan he bought the car for the Golden Retriever treatment.

  [Concurrent] Gan Yali, pet funeral director

  This parent made me think that she did something, at least from a more selfish point of view, (I opened a shop) at least this thing is considered a business, if it can be managed well, there is the possibility of return, but that is completely without any In return, she knew it could only live one year old when she invested hundreds of thousands in it, but she did not hesitate to (invest) in it. This was indeed a shocking impact for me at the time.

  [Explanation] It is understood that there are about hundreds of pets that die every day in Chengdu, but very few people do pet funerals.

Wang Yuan, a newcomer, told reporters that in addition to cats and dogs, there are also lizards, parrots and even big geese.

Before each pet is cremated, someone stays all night when the owner makes the final farewell.

  [Concurrent] Wang Yuan, pet funeral director

  Once we received a big goose, a white meat goose, a food goose.

The owner gave him a name, which is called braised.

His initial purpose was actually to prepare to slaughter and eat at the time after raising him, but after raising him, he slowly developed feelings.

In the end, the choice was to say that giving it a cremation is the best way to leave, and then brought it to our side. At that time, there were seven people, surrounded by a goose, taking pictures there, and so on. In the end, When I left, the owner was still very sad.

  [Explanation] There are strict requirements for the cremation of pets. Cremation is a very sensitive matter. However, there are very few formal businesses in this industry, and most of them are handled privately in violation of regulations.

What is truly formal is to have a certificate of animal epidemic prevention conditions, which requires government approval to achieve harmless treatment of animals.

  For the funeral of pets, there are different voices on the Internet, and the most difficult thing to break through is the change in concept.

  [Concurrent] Gan Yali, pet funeral director

  It’s okay, everyone’s living environment is different, and everyone’s thinking is also different. Some people love little, some people love, so you don’t need to pay attention to it, just do your own thing.

  Pet Funeral Master Wang Yuan

  I heard the voice of some netizens saying that the animal is dead, do you still want to make the last cent?

In fact, our feelings are really shocking. After all, our original intention is to be honest. The money invested in this can actually be far more than doing these things, you can develop in a better direction, and it is more of a kind of self-movement. My feelings, it's like this.

Of course, there are some very good netizens who will say this, people like us, walking at night, will not be afraid, why?

Because there are many elves who accompany us, it's like this.

  [Explanation] The pet funeral directors of "Maoqiu Yiguan" hope that this industry can bring more "Mao children" to a successful conclusion.

It can give every pet owner a touch of comfort, which is also the value that their pet funeral director can embody.

  He Xi Gao Jiaqi reports from Chengdu

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】