E-cigarettes with a wide variety of flavors are popular among young people who pursue "fun, curiosity, and trendy".

The ingredients and substances contained in e-cigarettes are difficult to distinguish, which also creates opportunities for new drugs to be mixed in. Some young people often only know that they have taken new drugs when they enter the hospital.

In addition, some minors who accidentally inhale “top electronic cigarettes” may also lead to the proliferation of new drugs at a younger age.

  Recently, the Beijing police destroyed a seven-member drug-trafficking gang.

At present, four people such as Li have been detained by Beijing Daxing police on suspicion of drug trafficking, and three people including Hu have been sentenced to public security detention for taking drugs.

  (Reporter Zhang Nan produced Le Xiaomin video source from Beijing Daxing Public Security)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】