Short dramas become the new favorite of online film and television platforms

  "After the meal" short drama hot oil stir-fry welcome to taste

  In recent years, with the rise of short videos, the entertainment consumption habits of audiences are changing with each passing day. Due to the huge demand for film and television content on short video platforms, short dramas have become the new darling of the online film and television ecosystem, and long video platforms such as Aiyou Tengman have also been in succession. "Snatch the beach" skit track.

  Will short dramas become a new outlet for the film and television industry?

Or is it just a supplement or substitute for the long drama?

These phenomena urgently require industry attention and deconstruction.

  Audience: Changes in the public's habit of watching dramas

  The short and fast "meal" skit becomes the new favorite of film and television

  Entering the era of fast-moving Internet, short-lived and fast-paced cultural consumption preferences and time fragmentation have led to the birth of short dramas-web dramas with a single episode of no more than 10 minutes, which are derived from the transformation of popular viewing habits.

  Right now, the habit of watching dramas of the post-95s and post-00s has deeply affected the ecology of the film and television industry, and the fast-paced, big-brained, relaxed and easy-to-eat works have become their favorites.

These young people have become the main force in the short drama market, especially the female group, who are more adaptable and accustomed to the fast-paced short video category.

  In terms of target audiences, Mango TV’s self-made "Attack Queen" series of skits is based on this consideration.

Shen Yuanqing, producer of Mao Nine Entertainment, told reporters from Beijing Youth Daily: "Our user portraits are mainly women, who are a bit younger. The user group is mainly high school students to college students, and their acceptance of new things will be relatively high."

  It is understood that the main market for short dramas is currently female-oriented works such as Sweet Pet, Gufeng, and Master Ba. The content style is relatively easy to decompress, and it has a very obvious attribute of "getting food".

Zhan Yali, producer of Mango TV, said that even short dramas such as "Attack Queen", although an episode is only 10 minutes, the plot is compact and reversible. Users can’t bear to double the speed without fast-forwarding, which is very suitable for the current youth. Human taste.

  Platform: Track expansion

  Short play is not a substitute for long play

  At present, long video platforms such as Aiyou Tengmang have successively entered the short video field, opening the short drama track layout.

Iqiyi made a "short storyline video", Youku opened a "Youku Little Theater", and Tencent Video clearly mentioned the "short story" when it officially announced the "Tropical Rainforest" ecology.

Mango TV was the first to enter the game. The short video "The Big Mang Project" released this year, and the "Fan Theater" with micro-short dramas as the main part, the "Attack Queen" series and other works have been broadcasted over 100 million, and the results are not lost on the long video channel. .

  The reason why the major traditional platforms are running off the short video track one after another is to cope with the strong impact brought by the short video platform and to attract users’ attention; the other is that short dramas have their own unique advantages, light weight, and The strong reversal, the refreshing online feeling of watching the drama, coupled with the short production cycle, can quickly adjust the content that the audience likes.

  In the view of Mango TV producer Zhan Yali, short dramas are neither a substitute for, nor a supplement to, long dramas.

Short dramas created with long video content thinking are more secure in content quality.

For example, the "Attack Queen" series of short dramas, whether it is the quality of the performance of the actors or the meticulous service, all reveal the sincerity and intentions of the production of the short dramas. This is also the short drama produced by the long video platform that can attract the audience. Premise.

  In fact, both the platform and the producer hope to realize the serialization and IPization of the short drama, because the series has a longer life force and can do more things.

Mango TV started the production of the second part after seeing "Attack Queen 1" received recognition from the audience.

  Market: When the skit goes on in early spring

  Long video and short video platform production logic is different

  On the track of short dramas, both long video and short video platforms are combining their own resources and advantages to provide more possibilities for the development of short dramas.

What needs to be noticed is that in the past two years of development of the skit track, there are still problems such as market chaos and uneven content. In order to pursue traffic, some skits have led to plot routines and vulgar content, and even have a tendency to "screw the ball".

Obviously, the skit market is still in an early spring stage, and whether it can become a new outlet for the film and television industry is still full of uncertainty.

  It is also a "short drama". The long video and short video platforms are slightly different in production, which is mainly reflected in the starting point and creation logic.

Zhan Yali said, "Usually, the short dramas that everyone writes on the short video platform are mostly small pieces of splicing in life, and the short dramas we make are continuous content production."

  Fundamentally, the long video platform follows the production route of a professional team, making it easier to make a circle from the content, which is a great advantage.

On the other hand, short video platforms are mostly narrative dramas produced by internet celebrities and individual teams. They are more focused on sinking the market, which is more suitable for traffic, but the out-of-circle content is not the same as that of long videos.

  Compared with the long drama, what kind of existence is the short drama?

Xu Peng, a senior film and television marketing expert, believes that the creation of short dramas is more straightforward, which may adversely affect the needs of users, thereby forcing long dramas to shorten the duration and reduce the appearance of water injection dramas.

  With the entry of long-term video platforms such as Aiyou Tengmang, the threshold for short dramas is constantly increasing. How to accurately capture audiences’ tastes of drama watching under the increasingly younger market trend, and further revitalize the serialized and IP-based short drama model? Let the industry move towards a more virtuous cycle is the next match point of the skit track.

  Text/Reporter Wang Lei