A tad sadistic, Regé-Jean Page continues to make fans dangle an appearance in season 2 of 

The Chronicle of the Bridgertons


While the news of the actor's departure from the series last April devastated audiences, the actor had fun blurring the lines during a recent interview with





Asked about a potential cameo, he replied: “I can't tell you!

But isn't there something wonderful about being surprised by something you never even suspected?

”An output which obviously ignited the Web, while Netflix remains silent on the subject.

Why not

One of the reasons that Regé-Jean Page could quite do us the honor of an appearance in the next season of


is that the character of the Duke of Hastings will not disappear from the frame. Last June, Phoebe Dynevor who plays Daphne Bridgerton, wife of Regé-Jean Page in the series, assured that we would talk about "a lot of him" in the new season.

In addition, the comedian whose popularity continues to grow, remains attached to the Netflix team since he signed for two projects produced by the streaming giant, namely

The Gray Man

, the next film by the Russo brothers, and the

Dongeons & Dragons series


However, everything could change if Regé-Jean Page becomes the new James Bond, which, according to rumors, is becoming more and more likely.


Rege-Jean Page will be in the remake of "Saint" ... Kelly Clarkson must pay $ 200,000 in child support ...

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