More than 30 years after the scandal that bears her name, Monica Lewinsky is still waiting for Bill Clinton to apologize for the way he treated her.

"He should want to apologize the same way I want to present mine to people I may have hurt by my actions," she said during a stint on



The former White House intern was promoting the FX series

American Crime Story: Impeachment

 in which she participated as a producer.

As such, it was not easy for her to revisit the events that turned her life and American political life with her in 1998.

A difficult ordeal

“I don't recommend anyone to see a fictionalized version of oneself that is just over 20 years old on TV.

Especially in this context where the truth was really stranger than the fiction.

There were times when I was like (watching), "Don't smile. Don't talk to her. Don't confess. Don't do this or that. Don't make bad decisions."

It was really hard to watch, ”Monica Lewinsky continued of the show.

Despite this new ordeal, Monica Lewinsky hopes that this series will change the view of the public on the scandal that has never ceased to continue her until today.


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