For a moment we really believed the

New World

knew more than anyone else.

How else could you have understood your cover story, which reads: "Prime Minister Markus Söder and his Karin - happy cheers - the sensation is perfect"?

So that Armin Laschet does not have to rush to the station kiosk with a nervous chest, we would like to reveal that said sensation does not consist in a last-minute exchange of the Union's candidate for chancellor.

But in the fact that in the last few weeks Söder has "repeatedly revealed traits" that "give an idea of ​​the person behind the politician".

Jörg Thomann

Editor in the "Life" section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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Laschet should have already noticed something of this as well.

Whether from Söder, when he

just said the sentence to


, "Armin Laschet has been fighting very committed for days, I've actually been doing this for months", a rival politician spoke or a not-so-nice person?

Either way, it shouldn't have caused such loud cheers for Laschet.

Just pushed a little

But even Laschet has a little reason to be happy, whose final media offensive is now apparent: five pages of an interview in


, four pages in

Frau im Spiegel

. In


, Laschet surprises with the reason why he never suffered a midlife crisis: “I never had time for that.” As Chancellor, he should, however, please take time for economic and other crises.

Frau im Spiegel

tells Laschet the circumstances under which he once met his future wife Susanne when he was a primary school student: "A tussle in the schoolyard where I should have pushed her a little." In January that sounded a little more explosive, as wrote

Woman in the mirror

, Laschet had "beaten up" Susanne at the time.

In the next interview, he probably looked at her angrily.

Laschet's party friend Friedrich Merz pleads in


for the long-term unemployed to be used for charitable activities: Foliage and plastic collection services, like in Denmark, are suitable for "really pulling their ties a little".

Before someone scolds him as antisocial: After all, Merz draws a picture of these people here as well-groomed tie-wearers.

If you want to collect leaves and plastic, you'd better take them off your neck.

Better husband

We only found out about another professional field through a


. Moderator Jochen Schropp, who has just lost four kilos, says: “I even had a chewing trainer.” Since then, we can't get the idea out of our heads that Schropp is biting into a sinewy beef steak and someone is cheering him on: You can do it!

We also learn in


a man named Hubertus Freiherr von Falkenhausen know, is said to have briefly had a relationship with Claudia Norberg, the ex-wife Michael Wendler's, and defends himself against the description, he sells "old cars" Rather, he export " Classic vehicles. Old cars sounds derogatory, but they are sometimes worlds more expensive than new cars. ”In the future, we want to confidently call ourselves a classic man. One of these is undoubtedly Mario Adorf, who

says to


: “In a certain sense, I'm a better husband today. The temptations of the past are now gone. ”The same applies to Bill Clinton, about the


writes: "Because of his heart problems he is no longer prone to affairs, it is said from those around him." Are the world's best husbands therefore classical men with heart failure?

Those who can drive can also model

San Diego, 18-year-old son Verona Pooth, who is drawn to an American sports academy, still has a long way to go to become a classic man.

His ten-year-old brother Rocco

Gala announced


he would miss him very much,

especially with “the little blows on the back of the head”.

But San Diego's move might also have something good for him: "I hope that I get his room, his Playstation and his knife collection."

Heidi Klum, on the other hand, gave her daughter Leni

this on the way,

according to the

Golden Leaf

: "You are now driving a car on the real street with real people, now you can also model." created? She would have the means to do so.

The son of Cathy and Mats Hummels, about whom the


newspaper writes: "Because Ludwig had given his pacifier to the pacifier fairy voluntarily (a fictional story to wean children off pacifiers, editor's note), is still young. mom and dad bought him a dinosaur and a police garage. ”Interesting what


thinks it has to say as a comment: How many of your readers may have thought the pacifier fairy was real and have now fallen from the clouds? The final consequence, however, is missing from the sheet - which is why we want to help out. Dear


readers: Ludwig only got one toy dinosaur, of course, because there are no longer any real dinosaurs.