China News Service, Chengdu, September 12 (Qi Yuting) A natural art studio in Chengdu called "Huangshi Park" displays many natural specimens framed by glass covers and glass wooden frames.

Various parts of plants, colorful minerals, winged insects...These natural elements have been ingeniously dismantled and combined to become extremely exquisite works of art, attracting pedestrians to stop and admire.

  On the 12th, Xiong Kun and Zhang Zhejian, the principals of the "Huangshi Park" studio, took tweezers and cooperated with each other to create a new specimen work.

In the past 11 years, these two "post-85s" exhibition designers who graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts have continuously collected various animals, plants, and geological materials from nature and life, and through artistic processing, they formed creation specimens and decorative paintings. After framed, the “picked up” nature becomes a lasting preserved work of art.

Zhang Zhejian is holding tweezers and is creating new specimen works.

Photo by Wang Lei

  "'Huangshi Park' is an aesthetic exhibition that is updated at any time. The theme is'the world in our eyes.' It is nature full of creativity and vitality. What we do is to discover, collect and create everything that touches us. "Introduced by Zhang Zhejian, "The Wild Rock Park" is named after the "Wild Rock Garden" in "Insects" written by the French writer Fabre. The studio is positioned to create natural aesthetics, and displays and sells natural specimen artworks.

  In the exhibition area of ​​the studio, in addition to hanging on the wall and on the table, there are many specimens hidden in a dozen large chests of Chinese pharmacy style. You can only see the contents when you open them.

Opening a drawer randomly, it is a gorgeous specimen of Blue Mofo butterfly, and then opening a drawer, a big king flower beetle suddenly appears in front of our eyes, full of stunning effects.

Xiong Kun said that this way of presentation has a ulterior motive. It is hoped that the moment the guests open the drawer, their hearts will be nourished by the beauty of nature's life.

Xiong Kun and Zhang Zhejian selected creative materials together.

Photo by Wang Lei

  "We started our business in 2010, selling all kinds of cultural and creative products. The styles and styles are all designed by ourselves." Xiong Kun said that he and Zhang Zhejian once applied natural aesthetic design to catering, and they were very popular. The studio was overcrowded every day. , The turnover reached its peak.

"But this deviated from our original intention of loving nature, and our creative energy was affected. So we closed the catering module and moved the studio to a new, quieter environment."

  Since its establishment, the "Huangshi Park" has undergone three changes and relocations, but it has always been with nature. Changing the environment will also bring new life experiences and creative inspirations. "In the next time, we will still be in a quiet corner of a commercial park in Chengdu, doing what we love silently." Zhang Zhejian said, staying with everything we like, keeping the life we ​​want, is The dreams they pursue and the happiness they strive to maintain. (over)