On September 11, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau held an open day event.

At the activities of the anti-terrorist and special police corps, the special police members demonstrated special police vehicles, equipment, individual police skills, police dog technology, and motorcycle driving skills through the form of full-police practical training.

  First of all, SWAT team members simulated actual combat and adopted shooting positions such as standing, prone, and kneeling positions based on various geographic locations and environments.

Subsequently, the sniper and the team members used tactical sign language to cover each other, and they cooperated tacitly.

  In the display of arm shields and batons, SWAT team members combined the two to achieve the effect of defense and attack.

In addition, SWAT team members also brought police dogs to demonstrate how to deal with cases of violent injuries from weapons and knives on the street and refused to cooperate.

Under the bite of the police dog, the suspect was subdued.

  The motorcycle team demonstrated superb driving skills.

After quickly crossing the barrier fire bridge, SWAT members on the motorcycle team got up and saluted the audience one by one.

  In the display area of ​​the results of practical activities, the Criminal Investigation Corps and the Public Security Corps of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau set up special seats to comprehensively display the maintenance of network security, prevention of telecommunications network fraud, economic case handling, drug control, and food Outstanding achievements in the safety work of the pharmaceutical brigade.

(Xu Jing produced Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Yue Chuan]