Abu Dhabi's salt lake attracts nature lovers.. an ice-colored painting in the heart of the desert

  • The color of the water in the lake varies between blue and green. Photograph: Eric Arrazas


Abu Dhabi includes many natural tourist attractions that include models of natural phenomena and geographical formations that reflect the diversity and richness of the region, and among these formations is the Salt Lake, which has become one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Al Wathba area, after it was able in the recent period to attract visitors of different nationalities, as A destination that enjoys a breathtaking beauty, as the salt blocks surrounding the water bodies look like pieces of ice in the middle of water bodies of different sizes, and the color of the water varies between blue and green.

The salt lake, which looks like an ice-colored plate in the heart of the desert, is approximately 50 km away from the capital Abu Dhabi, and access to it may require a period of research to identify its exact location. The salinity of the region, with high rates of evaporation in the dry climate, which led to the accumulation of excess rainwater, in addition to the water leaking from the neighboring agricultural areas, and its water is affected by the groundwater level and tidal movement.

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