A woman claims to have planted a bomb on a plane after she missed a flight

US authorities say a woman who was late for her flight falsely claimed to have planted a bomb in her luggage, in an attempt to delay the plane so that her son could go to school the next day.

Marina Verbitsky, 46, was with her husband and son at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida on Monday night on a flight home to Chicago, according to the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

But the family arrived late at the plane gate at 8:45.

The plane was heading to the runway with their luggage in it.

Verbitsky allegedly told JetBlue employees that she needed to get on a plane so her son could go to school the next day, but was told it was too late, the Washington Post reported.

At that point, the woman allegedly began reprimanding the staff.

Then she claimed there was a bomb in one of her bags that was already on the plane.

"She became very angry that she and her family were not allowed on the plane," the deputy mayor of Broward County wrote in a police report.

He continued, "She used profanity towards the staff, and when she was notified that the plane was heading to the runway with her checked baggage, she said there was a bomb in her baggage."

Verbitsky was immediately arrested, and her behavior delayed the plane's take-off.

He was taken off the plane and authorities and the Broward County Police Department's Threat Management Unit searched the plane for a bomb, and found nothing.

Verbitsky is now charged with falsely reporting the planting of a bomb, explosive or weapon of mass destruction. Bail was set at $10,000, and a Florida judge ordered her to conduct a mental health evaluation.