On the night of the 12th, passengers on the Tokyu Denen-toshi Line down train reported that "something like kerosene was sprinkled inside the train," and Tokyu Corporation had an impact such as dropping passengers on this train to confirm safety. came out.

According to Tokyu Corporation, at around 9:30 pm on the 12th, passengers on the down train heading from Tokyo to Kanagawa Prefecture on the Tokyu Denen-toshi Line reported that something like kerosene was being brought into the train and sprinkled. bottom.

When the station staff confirmed the reported vehicle, it was confirmed that there was a liquid that smelled like kerosene on the floor, so Tokyu Corporation responded by unloading all passengers of this train at Mizonokuchi Station in Kawasaki City. The operation was temporarily affected.

No passengers complained of poor health.

Tokyu Corporation has moved the train to a garage in Yokohama City and is working with the police to check for liquids and vehicles.