The makers of the YouTube channel StukTV are making

the switch to television

with their successful program

The Hunting Season


They claimed a prime-time spot in the programming of SBS6 at Talpa.

"Yes, we are thrown to the lions, but we did not want to be put away at half past eleven in the evening," the men tell the ANP.

In the online program, Giel de Winter (31), Thomas van der Vlugt (29) and Stefan Jurriëns (29) have been hunting 'fugitive' celebrities for five seasons.

The episodes are invariably seen by millions of viewers, sometimes with peaks well above three million.

Not surprising that producer Talpa Entertainment Productions, which has owned StukTV since 2018, wanted to bring it to TV.

"We said: that's good, but then we want a good time slot, because this is a success formula. Then John de Mol came with half past eight on Saturday evening and we said: let's go," says De Winter.

"We don't feel pressure to score. We also remain

visible online


The Hunting Season

," adds Jurriëns.

The biggest difference with the online version is in the length of the episodes.

And instead of alone, the celebrities now go out in duos.

"As a result, many fun situations arose, which we also did not have to cut out because we have longer time for a television episode," says Van der Vlugt.

The TV series can therefore not be seen on the men's YouTube channel.

"We are making a new series for that. So we have to work hard this year."

Known to older audience

The well-known Dutch people who participate are, unlike in the YouTube series, also known to a somewhat older viewership.

"We present

The Hunting Season

as a family program. We actually want the old-fashioned TV to be watched with the whole family again. The children watch for us and the parents then watch for Katja Schuurman and Wendy van Dijk. I also think that is the strength is part of this program," says De Winter.

Furthermore, Dave and Donny Roelvink and Xander de Buisonjé and Wesley Sneijder make their appearance.

Britt Dekker and Simon Keizer can be seen in the first episode.

Whether the SBS6 program for De Winter, Van der Vlugt and Jurriëns is the start of a career on TV differs per person.

"What I want is to make beautiful programs. Online or for TV, it doesn't matter to me. I don't necessarily have to present a game show," says De Winter.

His colleagues agree.

"In any case, I want to stay in front of the camera, if only because I don't know any better. I can see myself doing a nice travel program," says Jurriëns.

"We're also getting older, so it's interesting to see where our experience in entertainment takes us after ten years of YouTube," says Van der Vlugt.