China News Service, September 11th. According to the official Weibo news of the China Performance Industry Association, in order to implement the spirit of the national culture and tourism industry to strengthen the comprehensive management of the cultural As required by the “Special Rectification Work Arrangement”, the China Performance Industry Association organized representatives of some Internet platform companies in the membership system to hold a special meeting on September 10 to discuss self-discipline measures.

  The participating platforms reached a consensus that in order to maintain a clear and clear cyberspace environment and strengthen the construction of network cultural content, enterprises should transform the management requirements of the competent authorities into more proactive self-discipline, and jointly initiate the "Convention on the Self-discipline of Building a Clear and Clear Cyber ​​Culture Ecosystem" ( Hereinafter referred to as the "Convention"), work together to create a clean and upright network culture ecology.

  The "Convention" proposes the following aspects:

1. Actively cooperate with cultural and entertainment enterprises and jointly self-discipline

  Fulfill corporate social responsibilities, control cultural content, and jointly curb unhealthy trends.

Actively provide platform channels and promotion support for promoting the core values ​​of socialism and inheriting the content of Chinese traditional culture, leading by example, and directing traffic to positive energy.

2. Oppose "Only Flow First"

  The content recommendation criteria are positive, healthy, positive value, and conducive to the construction of spiritual civilization, pay attention to the quality of literary works, do not use data and traffic as the main evaluation criteria, and refuse to use repeated brushing, brushing and other methods to make false hype.

3. Refuse to provide a display platform for illegal and unethical personnel

  Actively provide a display platform for entertainers with artistic pursuits, positive values, and good ethics, and refuse to provide display and communication opportunities for entertainers who violate laws, regulations, and morals.

4. Strengthen the management of related accounts, comments, and bulletins in the entertainment field, and restrict, mute, and clean up accounts that publish the following content:

  1. Star gossip without any evidence, exaggerating facts, spreading rumors, or malicious hype;

  2. Intensify conflicts, provoke different fan groups to attack each other or maliciously attack individuals and organizations with different opinions by inciting incidents or misinterpreting the original intention of the original content;

  3. Provoking and creating antagonistic emotions among fan groups in any way;

  4. Publicizing or buying and selling the itinerary information of entertainers, flights, hotels, etc. or personal privacy information such as address, ID number, telephone number, etc. on the online platform without legal authorization;

  5. Convening, instigating, or inciting celebrity fans to raise funds in the name of celebrity promotion, sales promotion, ranking, etc., or to induce users to go to third-party platforms to raise funds in the form of off-chain, grouping, QR code, etc.;

  6. Inciting or organizing celebrity fans to disrupt normal social order, such as abusing government reporting channels, disrupting the order of public places, gatherings of unauthorized groups, etc.

5. Improving the public complaint and reporting mechanism on the online platform

  Encourage users to actively report to the platform when they discover illegal content, improve the platform's reporting content acceptance and judgment mechanism, and at the same time monitor and deal with malicious use of the complaint reporting mechanism, repetitive, speculative, and malicious reporting behavior.

6. Strengthen industry self-discipline and collaboration

  Under the premise of protecting users' private information, cross-platform sharing of information such as severely violating accounts and clues to violations will be implemented to implement joint punishments.

  If entertainers or their brokerage companies and studios have violated laws, regulations, or ethical behavior on the online platform, the platform should promptly report to the entertainer industry ethics self-discipline organization, and actively promote online and offline joint self-discipline.

  The sponsor of the "Convention" is the China Performance Industry Association, and the co-sponsored platforms are Weibo, Douyin, iQiyi, Kuaishou, Tencent Video, QQ Music, Youku, Kugou Music, Bilibili, Kuwo Music, Migu Video, Migu Music, Toutiao, Xiaohongshu (the above are in no particular order).