• The Artist

    , France 2's new telecrochet, is launched live this Saturday evening at 8:40 p.m.

  • The particularity of the program embodied by Nagui is to oppose 22 singer-songwriters.

  • 20 Minutes

     explains everything you need to know about the show.

Choosing the name of a silent film for a singing competition, you had to dare.

Nagui did it.

The Artist

, France 2's new telecrochet, arrives this Saturday at 8:40 p.m., at the end of Laurent Delahousse's newscast.

A schedule that we have lost the habit of seeing for several years on TV which can be explained by one simple and good reason: the evening promises to be (very) busy.

22 artists will perform on the stage, all live.

Between the presentation of the candidates, the performances, the debrief of the jury and the votes, something tells us that Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé will have to take their troubles patiently before taking the air.

1,600 applications reviewed

The Artist

, "it's a world first," says Nagui during the presentation of his show to the press. According to the host, no competition has ever pitted singer-songwriters against each other. This is indeed what distinguishes the program from other telecrochets: the singers who will present themselves to the public from this Saturday all have in common to write their texts and compose their music. "Those who have the ability to write, compose and interpret are totally remarkable and it is to them that this program is addressed", sums up the host.

To find the 22 rare gems, artistic directors have traveled the roads of France.

Not being in a record company and not having a gold or platinum record were the only two conditions to be met.

On the other hand, working with a manager and having already given concerts was not eliminatory.

In total, 1,600 applications were submitted.

Not a single penny to pay

Live, the artists will defend their place every Saturday evening. After the broadcast of their portrait, the competitors will take their place on the stage to perform a cover. But why sing a title already known when the originality of

The Artist

is to oppose singer-songwriters? “To see exactly how they can use a title by Brassens, Dr. Dre, and Souchon, and how they bring a song that you know into their universe. Like that, you will realize their universe and this is what we want to rely on, ”replies Nagui.

Once their performance is over, the jury's debrief will start. The artistic director Emmanuel Virot and the artistic programmer Elodie Mermoz will give their opinion alongside a personality known to the public, the main guest of the show. Clara Luciani will play for the first while Tryo and Jean-Louis Aubert should follow.

A mark will obviously be given to the candidates, both by the jury and by the public in front of their television set.

Two possible choices: a golden star if the performance convinced, a red octagon if that was not the case.

If an artist gets two golden stars, they'll come back the following week.

If he receives two red octagons, he is eliminated from the competition.

Finally, if he gets a golden star from the jury and a red octagon from the audience (or vice versa), he will perform again, this time with a personal composition.

One of the advantages of the show is probably that it can boast of having the simplest voting system of the PAF: if they want to judge a performance, the public has only to connect to the official page of

The Artist

on Instagram.

In story, the candidate's photo will be displayed and all you have to do is click on the golden star or the red octagon.

As a bonus, viewers will therefore have no penny to pay to support his darling.

“I wanted free, it was really the most important thing, comments Nagui.

We wanted it to be as simple and normal as possible.

And frankly, I find it abusive to pay to vote.

Also, unless you have a multitude of Instagram accounts, it will only be possible to vote once per artist.

"There is no room for hacking," says the host.

Not a single penny to earn

At the end of the six issues currently planned by the chain, there will obviously be a prize to be won, but a big check is not part of the lot. "Since it is a partnership with France Inter and France 2, we are not here to put millions, it is not the kind of public service", valve Nagui in front of Laurence Bloch, director of France Inter and Stéphane Sitbon Gomez, director of antennas and programs at France Télévisions.

“We are not here to force them to sign a contract with a record company, we are not going to decide for them. Again, [as] authors, composers, performers, they have maturity, intelligence and universe. They know what they want and we are especially not going to wring their necks, ”continues the host. As a result, the winner (or the winning group) will be accompanied by France Inter and France 2 who will broadcast their music on radio and TV and organize a recording of their concert.

"The first time that Nagui offered this to us, we said to ourselves that it was risky because we are used to revealing a quality, a talent but not the complete artist", confides Stéphane Sitbon Gomez, director of the antennas. and programs at France Télé.

But he assures him: “to turn to these talents, to bring them to the fore, to bring them to life, this is really the ambition that France Télévisions has today.

"The host says

The Artist

" does not play with the notion of rising star and star reveal "but that his show wants" to be interested in what touches us ".

Will she succeed in demonstrating that it is not just the voice that counts?


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In addition to the live bonus every Saturday, a masterclass will be offered from Monday to Friday at 8 p.m. on TNT channel 14.

Artists such as Patrick Bruel, Pascal Obispo, Barbara Pravi, Bénabar, Raphaël or Gaëtan Roussel and Jean-Louis Aubert will come to provide their advice to the candidates.

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