Whether it is a traditional stage in the past or a modern grand theater, the audience has always been sitting under the stage watching the performance.

The 5G smart theater will bring different experiences to the audience, watching wherever they want.

In the 5G smart theater, the audience can enjoy a drama from multiple angles and cameras without leaving the house. Fanyi and Sifeng in "Thunderstorm" are right by your side to accuse Zhou Puyuan, and the tears of boss Wang in "Teahouse" are clearly visible The audience sitting on the top of the mountain in the theater will replace the binoculars in their hands with VR glasses with 5G transmission function.

  On September 8, the strategic cooperation signing of China National Theater, China United Network Communications Co., Ltd., and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and the inauguration of the 5G Smart Theater Joint Laboratory.

Based on the solid creative strength of the National Theater of China, rich actor resources and well-equipped theaters, combined with China Unicom's 5G technology, cloud-network integration advantages and smart venue product capabilities, as well as Huawei's high-tech video production technology and dual gigabit network solutions The three parties will work together to build the country’s first integrated 5G smart theater in a theater and jointly explore the application of technologies based on 5G private network, MEC, slicing technology, smart private line, FTTR and other technologies in smart theaters.

  "In the past, only people who bought tickets into the theater could see our performances. In the future, people will use the smart theater to see these works in higher quality." said Tian Qinxin, director of the National Theater of China.

  "I always watch plays in the theater, and I always feel a little regretful. Some actors have lost their performance." Tian Qinxin believes that in the theater, the audience cannot see the actors' performance in all directions.

The renovated Mandarin Theater will contain many "black technologies".

"For the VR spherical camera hanging on the stage, one ball contains more than 30 camera positions." Tian Qinxin said.

  In fact, such high-tech empowered stage art has already appeared in the theatrical performance "The Great Journey" celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China this year.

In multiple program scenes such as drama and dance "Breaking Dawn" and the song "Zunyi Meeting Glory", 5G real-time shooting technology is used to allow viewers to freely shuttle and immerse themselves in the present and history through real-time photography, instant broadcast, and real-time screen projection. Experience the great changes in a century, and the subtle performances of theatrical actors will also be presented to the audience on the big screen in all directions.

  "The innovative practice of combining art and technology will effectively improve the production efficiency and viewing effect of online studios." said Gao Zheng, director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Industry Development Department who attended the opening ceremony of the laboratory.

In the future, Guohua, China Unicom, and Huawei will jointly promote the construction and upgrade of theater communication infrastructure, improve the level of theater intelligence, and gradually realize innovative technologies in theater smart management, smart operation, audience experience, online studios, multi-theatre linkage live broadcast, etc. The application of the scene is implemented, to create an industry-leading 5G smart theater demonstration, and to jointly promote the application of "5G+4K/8K ultra-high-definition + cloud network integration" in the performing arts industry, promote the combination of online and offline performances, and help the stage The innovation of the art format and the digital upgrade of the theater.

  "As a national art troupe, the National Theater of China has the responsibility and obligation to develop and expand the form of smart theater, and is more capable of creating more original drama products suitable for the dissemination and consumption of smart theaters, and perfecting the integration mechanism of creation and performance. Leveraging new technologies to empower the dissemination of drama works, to achieve a win-win situation for both social and economic benefits, and at the same time provide the masses with more high-quality cultural products." said Zhuge Yannan, Party Secretary of the National Theatre of China.