During protests against the IAA Mobility auto show in Munich, there were clashes with the police.

The officials used batons and pepper spray against demonstrators on Friday morning.

According to a police spokesman, IAA opponents are said to have tried to break through a police cordon on Theresienwiese.

There is a camp for IAA critics in the area where Oktoberfest normally takes place.

Hundreds of activists and other demonstrators left there on Friday morning.

The police were there with a large contingent, the number of officers, according to observers, significantly exceeded that of the demonstrators.

Like the first, a second demonstration train that wanted to leave the climate camp initially returned there.

Shortly before noon a demonstration train left the Theresienwiese again.

Further blockades announced

In addition, a group of climate activists briefly blocked the special BlueLane lane set up for the trade fair on the A94 motorway, which leads past the trade fair.

At the same time, activists demonstrated on Munich's Königsplatz, one of the IAA exhibition venues outside the exhibition grounds.

Activists had already put up banners on several motorways in the Munich area on Tuesday and roped down on some bridges.

The highways had to be temporarily closed because of this.

Further blockades and disruptive actions at the IAA have been announced.

A police spokesman said that crimes would be dealt with consistently.

Police barriers are not just "recommendations".

Climate activists, on the other hand, criticized the police's actions and spoke of “massive violence” on the part of the police, but they did not want to be “intimidated”.

It was initially unclear whether someone was injured in the clashes, and neither the police nor the alliance “Sand in the Gears” could provide information.

The debate about the protests has also reached political level: The Greens in the state parliament accompanied the protests as “parliamentary observers”.

The MP Claudia Köhler, criticized the action of the police on the Theresienwiese as "inappropriate".

In contrast, CSU General Secretary Markus Blume had already tweeted on Wednesday: “Bridge climbers will remain locked in until the end of the fair!

That's how it works in Bavaria! "

Color attack on the private house of the VW CEO

The private house of VW CEO Herbert Diess in his home town of Munich was meanwhile the target of a color attack. A spokesman for the company in Wolfsburg said that graffiti appeared on the building. You condemn the act that was probably committed in

the night from Thursday to Friday and whose author is not yet known. The business portal “Business Insider” had previously reported on the case. "Expropriate this" was therefore written on the door. In addition, a note with allegations against a "representative of German auto capital" was stuck on. The manager had filed a criminal complaint.

In the face of several protests against the group in the past few weeks, Volkswagen had declared that it was open to criticism and discussions about the right way to protect the climate and resources as well as safeguarding workers' rights in global supply chains. Damage and violence, however, should not be a means of dispute. The Munich police initially gave no information about the circumstances of the incident at Diess' house.

Before a VW event at the IAA Mobility last Sunday, Greenpeace members spoke to Diess about the reluctance to say goodbye to the internal combustion engine. He briefly discussed with the environmental organization's traffic expert, Marion Tiemann. At the same time, Diess was also handed a paper in which Greenpeace justified its threatened lawsuit against German car manufacturers if they do not completely phase out diesel and gasoline drives by 2030.