On September 9th, the reporter learned from Chongqing Liangjiang New District Public Security Bureau that recently, under the unified command of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the police in Chongqing Liangjiang New District launched "Operation Killing Birds 1.0" and "Operation Killing Birds 2.0" successively, destroying the two in a row. A webcast fraud criminal group arrested 218 criminal suspects, seized 367 computers and 360 mobile phones involved in the case, and destroyed 16 fraud dens. It was initially found that the amount involved was more than 8 million yuan.

  In late May of this year, the police in Liangjiang New District discovered that the company where the reporter was working was suspected of online fraud while handling a labor dispute.

The police immediately carried out clue verification around relevant information, and mobilized competent police forces to set up a task force to simultaneously investigate the case. Two large live broadcast fraud criminal groups gradually surfaced.

  After two months of careful investigation, the police discovered that the two major webcasting groups headed by the suspect Han Mou, under the banner of acting "Xiongke Live" and "Hi Show Show", used dating software to target people and attract traffic to them. In certain live broadcast rooms, based on the establishment of love, ambiguous relationships, etc., the victim is induced to recharge and reward the anchor to carry out fraud.

  After fully grasping the organization structure and personnel composition of the criminal group, the basic information and daily dynamics of the main suspects, finding out 16 fraud dens, and grasping the facts of illegal crimes.

On August 26 and September 2 this year, the police in the Liangjiang New Area successively organized more than 500 police forces to launch surprise operations. Concentrated on the Internet, a total of 218 criminal suspects were arrested, 367 computers and 360 mobile phones were seized on the spot, 16 fraud dens were destroyed, and the amount involved was initially found to be more than 8 million yuan.

  After interrogation, the main suspect, Mr. Han, confessed that he hired a large number of keyboard players to pretend to be female anchors to look for "prey" on major dating apps, chatting with the victim in the name of dating and making friends, and after gaining trust, he led the victim to the live broadcast platform to watch live streaming.

In this process, the traditional routine of preparing words in advance and fixing the "anchor" appearance is adopted to pretend to complete the task, conduct the anchor PK, and promise to "meet offline, get married" and other reasons to induce the victim to recharge virtual gifts for the female anchor. Through the background control PK results to obtain huge profits to complete the fraud.

  At present, the main criminal suspects of the two major gangs have been taken criminal coercive measures, and the case is under further investigation.

  According to the police handling the case, the criminal suspect’s method of committing the crime was different from the previous “slaying pig” fraud. The target of the crime is targeted at males aged 20 to 40. They use a variety of provocative words to lure rewards. The amount of fraud ranges from hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and adopts a new type of "killing birds" with a short, flat and fast fraud cycle. Scams.

  The police reminded: The Internet is virtual. The so-called "female anchor" will not "favor" someone for no reason, and use various provocative words to lure you into "rewarding" and "brushing gifts."

Netizens should pay attention to the safety of their own property when making friends online, and be more vigilant to avoid falling into the "peachy trap" set by lawbreakers.

(Headquarters reporter Mou Liang)