An organization of 30 Catholic schools in the Canadian province of Ontario burned and destroyed about 5,000 books and comic books in 2019.

The titles would have given an inappropriate picture of the country's indigenous people.

Among the comics are copies of Asterix, Tintin and Lucky Luke.

Catholic schools misrepresent the native American population, Canadian broadcaster




The books have been burned, but also buried or thrown away.

The thirty schools have a total of about ten thousand students.

The books were selected by a school council committee, which, together with a delegation from the indigenous population, made a selection of children's books that would be harmful because of the imagination of the indigenous people.

For example, the commission said

Tintin in America

from 1932 contained "unacceptable language" and presented a "negative and insulting representation" of the native population.

Albums by Lucky Luke and Asterix have also been banned, partly because of the use of the term 'redskins'.

The "cleansing ceremony" took place as early as 2019, but the affair only made the Canadian media this week.

The choice of books in the school library is the responsibility of the school board, the Ontario Ministry of Education said in a statement.

The leader of the committee decided to resign after all the commotion.