It takes more than a heart attack to bring Bob Odenkirk down.


Better Call



has announced that he is already back on the set of the series in which he plays Saul Goodman, the main character.

Two months ago, the star scared his fans when he suffered a "small" heart attack during filming.

“Back to work on Better Call Saul!

I'm so happy to be here and to live this specific life surrounded by such good people, ”he captioned a photo where we see him getting his makeup done for his next scene.

"And by the way, here is Cheri Montesanto, a makeup pro, who makes me less ugly for the shoot," he added.

Positive thoughts

Bob Odenkirk was filming in New Mexico with the rest of the team when he collapsed on set in the middle of July.

If the news was alarming, the actor's entourage quickly reassured fans, indicating that it was not a big heart attack and that the star of the

Breaking Bad


would be. back to work as soon as possible.

At the time, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the two stars of the original series, split a tweet in support of their hospitalized friend, the interpreter of Walter White encouraging fans of the franchise to "send their thoughts positive and their prayers ”to the interpreter of Saul Goodman.

It looks like it worked!

Bob Odenkirk's performance as the lawyer has garnered four Emmy nominations.


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