China News Service, Beijing, September 8 (Reporter Li Shuangnan) The movie "Tobacco Sales at Humen" released a preview and poster on the 8th, officially announcing the exclusive launch on iQiyi on September 20.

The film is directed by Zhang Zhe, starring Xie Miao, Yao Lu, Du Yuming, Zhang Zishan, Qu Yicheng and others.

The film tells the story of Lin Zexu's ban on smoking in the south during the late Qing Dynasty. When repeatedly blocked, a group of tobacco sellers came forward and worked with Lin Zexu to crack down on cigarette dealers, which ultimately curbed the proliferation of opium and awakened the patriotism of the Chinese people.

  Director Zhang Zhe told a reporter from that the film focuses on the real historical event of the sale of cigarettes in Humen.

Looking back at that turbulent era, the victory of this anti-smoking campaign not only safeguarded the dignity and interests of the nation, but was also an important historical example of opposing imperialism in modern Chinese history.

In order to tell this history more vividly, the film incorporates action and drama, multiple plot reversals to show the tension of the drama, in order to get rid of the dullness of historical themes.

  In addition, in terms of character setting, the film not only shows the visionary and broad-minded image of Lin Zexu, but also shows the people's determination to fight back under the suffering of opium through a group of ordinary little characters, which makes the audience feel uncomfortable. Forget the history and pay tribute to the blood of the ancestors.

The film’s starring lineup brings together a number of outstanding actors, including the martial artist Xie Miao, who starred in "New Shaolin Fifth Ancestor", "Xin Qiji 1162", "Thirteen Generals of the Great Han" and other film and television works; starred in "Undocumented Crimes" and "Dear Myself" Yao Lu, an actor in film and television works, and Du Yuming, an actor who portrayed the image of a classic villain in "Evening the Heaven and Slaying the Dragon" and "Celebrating More Than Years".

  The film is a work supported by the Beijing Radio and Television Network Audiovisual Development Fund, produced by Huawen Image (Beijing) Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Baima Meteor (Beijing) Network Media Co., Ltd.