In Center-Val-de-Loire, the latest figures from the ARS on the Covid-19 pandemic, published on Tuesday, show 59 people in intensive care.

They were 50 on September 2.

The Loiret has 22 patients in intensive care, one more than 5 days earlier, according to the bulletin relayed by

La République du Center


724 new cases in the Loiret

The health authority also indicates that 82 people with Covid were hospitalized on Tuesday, a decrease since they were 92 in the September 2 bulletin.

Among them, 31 were taken care of in the Loiret, one less than on September 2.

Newsletter # COVID19 n ° 302 in @RCValdeLoire

- ARS Center-Val de Loire (@ARS_CVDL) September 7, 2021

Four new deaths are to be deplored in the region, bringing the total to 4,022 since the start of the epidemic.

From August 29 to September 4, 96,652 people were tested in Center-Val-de-Loire, including 26,712 in Loiret.

Among them, 2,227 were positive for Covid-19 in the region, including 724 in Loiret.

The Center-Val-de-Loire region has 1,737,155 fully vaccinated people, or 73.4% of its population.


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