November 13 trial: a father testifies

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The hall was built in the huge hall of lost steps.

Total cost of the work: nearly 8 million euros.

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It is an exceptional event, historic one can say it, which will sanction, but also revive the night of terror that Paris lived on November 13, 2015, that night which marked a turning point in French society: the trial of the attacks. Jihadist terrorists who killed 130 people opens today in the center of the capital.

It will last nine months, making it the longest trial in French history, with 22 defendants and 1,800 civil parties.


Faced with terrorism how to resist,

how to show resilience, but also discernment so that the shock wave does not fracture society, as the jihadists would like.

Hacène Ayad is the father of Thomas, 32, who was killed at the Bataclan six years ago

. He will testify at trial


Lise Verbeke met him in Amiens, in the north of France. 

Getting to know Islam better in order to fight against its destructive deviances, to

fight jihadist ideology without stigmatizing all Muslims, this is - beyond the strictly security aspect - one of the great challenges that terrorists impose on our societies European

. And it is a difficult challenge to take up:

in Austria the new anti-terrorism legislative arsenal is debated

, are the new measures effective? And

who are they targeting?

  Terrorists, fundamentalists, Muslims? Report in Vienna, Céline Béal.

The 130 victims of the November 13 attacks were of 23 nationalities.

Some of the countries themselves hit by terrorism, such as the United Kingdom.

How do our neighbors talk about the trial that opens today?

Marie Billon our correspondent in London read the British newspapers for us

and listened to the radio of course.

What are we saying across the Channel about this exceptional day?

Head to Germany now.

When it comes to talking about terrorism and in particular reacting hot to an attack, the German media are very cautious

, even if it means sometimes


a certain delay in the ignition,

explains our correspondent in Berlin, Julien Méchaussie.

Its creation went a little unnoticed, but the installation of the European Public Prosecutor's Office this summer in Luxembourg is very good news for the finances of the European Union, and therefore those of its citizens


The new Attorney General has new tools to fight the embezzlement and fraudulent use of EU funds.

Myriam Baele, our colleague from the


, visited her






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