Thirty-two departments were placed, this Wednesday morning, in orange vigilance for thunderstorms and violent rains, announced Météo-France.

Nièvre, Yonne, Dordogne, Haute-Vienne, Corrèze, Creuse, Sarthe, Allier, Aude, Haute-Garonne, Aveyron, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne, Ariège, Hautes-Pyrénées, Lot and the departments of the Île-de-regions France and Center-Val-de-Loire are concerned.

The alert is currently in effect until 6 a.m. on Thursday.

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The weather this Wednesday will therefore be marked by a clear deterioration in the west of the country with a risk of violent thunderstorms and intense rains.

This Wednesday morning, the stormy rains will mainly circulate from Poitou-Charentes to Pays-de-la-Loire, Brittany and Cotentin.

In the southwest, the sky will initially be variable with clearings but also some showers and greyness around the perimeter of the Gulf of Lion.

Always summery weather in the North and East

But in the afternoon, the stormy degradation will reach practically all the west of the country to the valley of the Seine, the Center-Val-de-Loire and the South-West. The activity will increase with a frequent risk of hail, gusts and transient heavy and copious rains, in particular from the north of Auvergne to Limousin and the former Midi-Pyrénées region. In the north and east of the country, the weather will remain summery, very sunny and hot. Only the Alpine massif will be capped with buds with a few showers.

Maximum temperatures will drop significantly in the West with 22 to 25 degrees expected over Brittany and Cotentin, another 25 to 30 degrees over the rest of Normandy, Pays-de-la-Loire and New Aquitaine.

Elsewhere, it will be between 28 and 32 degrees, locally 33 of the valleys of Auvergne to the west of Burgundy.

In the evening and night from Wednesday to Thursday, the rain-storm wave will stretch from the North of the Seine to the center of the country and to Occitania.

Rainy and stormy activity could become intense in Haute-Garonne, Ariège, Tarn, Aveyron, Aude and Hérault.


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