Chinanews client, Beijing, September 7 (Reporter Song Yusheng) Do you still remember the graffiti "Girl and Balloon" that was destroyed at the auction site three years ago?

  Recently, Sotheby’s Auction House announced that it will be auctioned again in October this year.

Data map: The destroyed "Girl and Balloon".

  At the Sotheby's auction in London three years ago, this graffiti by the famous artist Banksy was auctioned for 860,000 pounds, and the price was 1.042 million pounds plus commission.

  However, just as the auctioneer dropped the hammer, something unexpected happened-this work, which had been sold for over a million pounds, launched a "self-destruct" installation, and a large part of the work was cut into one piece.

  Later, Banksy announced the production process of the shredder in the picture frame on social media.

In his public film, the lens not only captures everyone's confusion and panic, but also a narration: The urge to destroy is also a creative urge- Picasso.

Data map: The destroyed "Girl and Balloon".

  Obviously, the "self-destruction" of the work was arranged by the author.

  According to the report, the "new work" was certified by Banksy's agency Pest Control and was renamed "Love is in the Bin" from "Girl with Balloon".

  Reports show that the female collector who bought the graffiti came from Europe and was a long-term customer of Sotheby's auction house.

She said that at the auction site of "Girl and Balloon", the auction mallet fell and the painting "self-destructed" at first. She was shocked at first when she saw this scene, but then she realized, "I will get my own art history. ".

Screenshot of "Love in the Trash" auction house website

  Three years later, "Love in the Trash Can" is about to make its debut again.

And this "art history" that "belongs" to this female collector may become tangible real money and bring her a lot of money.

  Sotheby's auction house recently announced on its official website that "Love in the Trash" will be auctioned in October.

The estimate given by the auction house reached 4 to 6 million pounds.

  This price is at least three times higher than the transaction price of £1.042 million three years ago. If compared with the estimated price of £200,000-300,000 for this work three years ago, the new estimate is the previous one. 20 times.

Screenshot of "Girl and Balloon" auction house website

  An article pointed out that this auction is likely to set a new high for the price of Banksy's works.

  Banksy's works are mostly graffiti.

It is generally believed that these works are humorous, subversive, and critical.

He himself is regarded as an artist who connects street art with modern culture.

  In his graffiti works, the incendiary bomb thrown by the street protesters was replaced by a bunch of flowers, and the head of the Queen of England on the banknote was replaced by the head of Princess Diana...

  But at the same time, his rebellious attitude has made these works highly sought after by collectors.

This makes Banksy's works not only highly topical, but also often sells for good prices in the art market.

  When it comes to "self-destructing works", there were different evaluations three years ago.

Some people think that this means that Banksy has broken the established pattern of art; others think that this is not hype?

Screenshot of auction house website

  However, in the eyes of the auction house, such topicality means huge popularity, and accordingly, it may also bring record prices.

  "The radical hoax of'self-destructing works' has changed the market for Banksy's works, and has also attracted the attention of the world media..." Sotheby's auction house included this "in the "Love in the Trash Can" is called "the most famous artwork of the 21st century".