China News Service, Feicheng, Shandong, September 7th, title: The "post-95" guy used the lens to "chasing light" the veteran and took more than 100,000 photos for 45 veterans in 5 years

  Author Sun Tingting

  "In the five years I have been shooting veterans, six grandpas of veterans have passed away. This makes me feel a lot of pressure. I want to do my best to leave images for more veterans." Shi Yunpeng, a "boy" in Feicheng, Tai'an on the 7th. Said in an interview with a reporter from

The 22-year-old, since 2017, has often used his spare time to look for veterans. He has traveled to Tai'an, Jinan, Dongying and other places at his own expense, taking more than 100,000 photos for 45 veterans. The oldest is 102 years old. , The youngest is 85 years old.

Shi Yunpeng is collating photos of veterans taken.

Photo by Sun Tingting

  On the same day, the reporter saw in Shi Yunpeng's home that the walls of the bedroom were covered with certificates and awards that he had won for participating in national, provincial and municipal photography competitions.

"Many people think that I have been taking pictures for 5 years and I am a professional photographer. In fact, I am just an ordinary photography enthusiast." Shi Yunpeng said that he is currently working hard to learn photography knowledge and strive to shoot more professional works. .

Shi Yunpeng won the photography award.

Photo by Sun Tingting

  In February 2017, Shi Yunpeng, who was still in high school, took a second-hand camera and started looking for veterans.

Shi Yunpeng was full of emotion when he mentioned the first camera he owned.

"In my senior year of high school, I especially wanted to own a camera of my own and go to Beijing to participate in a photography competition. But because my family conditions did not allow me, my parents refused to let me buy it. So I secretly went to work and distributed flyers on weekends and holidays. , Earned 600 yuan and bought a second-hand SLR camera."

Shi Yunpeng is taking pictures of the veterans.

Photo by Sun Tingting

  "When I was young, I heard my grandfather tell the story of the People's Liberation Army, and I have a deep respect and admiration for the veterans." Shi Yunpeng said that he had always wanted to do something for the veteran grandfather, and the idea of ​​finding veterans and taking pictures for them was born.

Every time he takes a veteran grandfather, he will organize the photos and give them to them the next time he visits the veteran grandfather.

"I want to record the old soldier grandfather's life in his later years and use real photos to let future generations remember them."

  "They are more like a light I have to chase in my life." Shi Yunpeng said, in five years, he spent his spare time in seven cities including Feicheng, Ningyang, Changqing, and Zhangqiu.

When he first started looking for veterans, he could only inquire about them from village to village, but many villages did not have veterans at all and took many detours.

"I took the camera and went to the village to find out if there were any veterans nearby. Many times, I was suspected and thought I was a bad kid."

Shi Yunpeng is taking pictures of the veterans.

Photo by Sun Tingting

  For Shi Yunpeng, the most difficult thing was to find these veterans. Most of his time was spent searching for them.

What impresses him most is that during his university studies in Zhangqiu, Jinan, he took an 8-hour bus ride to the southern mountainous area to find a Feicheng veteran who had participated in the War of Liberation.

"In the past five years, I have traveled to more than 160 villages. If the distance is close, I will ride an electric car or a bus. If the distance is far away, I will take a long-distance bus."

  Although there is no blood relationship, Shi Yunpeng has become "family" with 45 veterans.

In the past five years, Shi Yunpeng often visited the veterans, once in two months close to his home and twice a year when he was far away.

"My grandfather passed away very early, but because of shooting veterans, I have 45 grandpas." Shi Yunpeng said, when he graduated from high school, a veteran grandfather once asked him to "go out."

"Grandpa Veteran will tell me many things in the past. These precious life experiences will let me know what hard work is and what a hard-won peaceful life is."

Lu Liangping, 90, is the first veteran photographed by Shi Yunpeng.

Photo by Sun Tingting

  "Grandpa Zhang Xianzong, a veteran, said something that moved me deeply. They were in the army when they were 18 years old and they had no conditions to go to school. Now, we can go to university when we are 18 years old, and we are very happy." Shi Yunpeng said, the veteran brought him a lot. Spiritual support.

"I think this'light' is very big and very short, because this'light' is getting farther and farther away from us. Grandpa passed away slowly and walked away slowly. All that was left for me was a race against time. Let this'light' slowly leave me."

  Lu Liangping, 90 years old this year, is the first veteran photographed by Shi Yunpeng. He participated in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.

Lu Liangping turned out photos taken by Shi Yunpeng for five consecutive years and told reporters that many veterans had not had some video materials before. He admired the idea of ​​young people like Shi Yunpeng for taking pictures of veterans.

"We veterans are getting older and older. When we are away, future generations will look at these old photos and at least know our story."

A photo of a veteran taken by Shi Yunpeng.

Provided by Shi Yunpeng

  On the same day, the reporter followed Shi Yunpeng to a residential house in the outskirts of Feicheng City and took photos of Guo Mingsheng, a veteran.

As soon as Shi Yunpeng walked in the door, Guo Mingsheng walked out and took his hand to ask questions about the length.

Guo Mingsheng, 93, participated in the War of Resistance Against Japan at the age of 16.

Now that more than 70 years have passed, Guo Mingsheng's body is still very strong.

"Shi Yunpeng has a very good feeling for me and loves me very much. The stories in my mind have a deep influence on him. These battle stories, how many battles have been fought, and the suffering I have suffered. At that time, there was no car, just walking. I suffered a lot and almost sacrificed. After he left, I still miss him a lot for a long time." Guo Mingsheng said

Shi Yunpeng took photos of veteran Guo Mingsheng.

Provided by Shi Yunpeng

  "We only learned that the child is doing this in 2019, and the whole family is very supportive of him." Shi Yunpeng's mother, Xun Hongmei, said that since she started filming the veteran grandfather, she feels that Shi Yunpeng has changed a lot and the child has learned to save money. Use, work-study, and use the money saved to buy milk, oil, noodles and other necessities for the veteran grandfather.

  Currently, Shi Yunpeng is preparing for the "college promotion" exam.

His teacher Niu Anle told reporters that Shi Yunpeng was a very "positive energy" student when he was in school, and his shooting of veterans had a great impact on his classmates.

"After Shi Yunpeng graduates, he can still think of continuing to study and improve his academic qualifications. This is very rare. I hope he can persist in shooting veterans in the future, while also taking into account both study and life." (End)