Bit by bit, the police are trying to solve the riddle of an exploded house and a traffic accident in Bavaria as well as an apartment fire in Saxony.

Now there is more knowledge.

A DNA comparison brought certainty: the man who was killed in a car accident in Upper Bavaria last week is the owner of a house that had just exploded.

According to Tuesday, the police assume that the 55-year-old was responsible for the explosion in Rohrbach an der Ilm.

His wife died in the process.

It is also obvious that the man behind the apartment fire in Lugau in Saxony is stuck, the police said.

The couple owned an apartment in Saxony

The background of the incidents is still unclear, said a spokesman. The exact cause of the explosion and the question of how the 54-year-old died are still open. The investigators had found a gas bottle in the house - as it was later in the car. There is no suspicion of third parties. The fire in an empty apartment in Lugau is also a mystery. This belonged to the couple and caught fire around the same time as the explosion.

The couple's semi-detached house in Rohrbach an der Ilm (Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm district) blew up on Thursday afternoon.

Shortly after the explosion, a car sped into an oncoming truck in Schrobenhausen, 30 kilometers away.

The car was registered to the address of the collapsed house - the driver burned beyond recognition.

Only the DNA analysis now confirmed that it was the husband.

The couple lived on the first floor of the house.

Three people who lived on the first floor of the collapsed house were unharmed.

You weren't home at the time of the explosion.

The adjacent semi-detached house was badly damaged and had to be demolished in the meantime.

The two residents were slightly injured.