"What a beautiful




's time

to say that it's cool like a cyborg."

Many voices were raised on SNS for tweets with beautiful prosthetic limbs that overturned the conventional concept. I did.

Enjoy as if you were choosing clothes and accessories.

There is a growing voice of the parties hoping that such options will increase.

The trigger was ...

The trigger was such a post.

"As an orthopedic surgeon, I always think that the era of prosthetic limbs will change from the era of hiding to the era of fascination." On the

30th of last month after the opening of the Tokyo Paralympics, a post and a photo on Twitter attracted a lot of attention.

So far, the number of retweets has exceeded 10,000 and the number of likes has exceeded 40,000, and many comments have been received.

"It's cool ... simply ..."

"I hope you develop prosthetic hands and legs that healthy people envy."

While many people agreed, there were various reactions.

"Cool. Is Will rude to call out" Please let me take photos "when viewed in the city? Delicate issues that feel to ..."

"attractive but artificial limbs I say, people who apparently wear I feel is "to choose the

Do not want even artificial limbs close" as possible to a real foot. people who want to show the beautiful artificial limbs to would be still less, "

" people who want to hide in the progress of technology and consciousness hide, who want fascinated is I hope it will be a fascinating and easy-to-reach world. "

"Individuality and strength"

How did you feel when you posted it?

When I contacted him, I received the following message.

"I hope that the high degree of design will help the patient and the people around him to think that wearing a prosthetic limb is a personality and can be a strength," so I tweeted. beneath "

" but, of course, also that the resistance there are those who are in that show, I think that ought freedom even if there is not freedom also show to show. "

One person who wishes for a "fascinating era"

Mika Nakai, who has a 19-year-old daughter with a disability such as half-body paralysis, is one of the retweets.

"Part and wheelchair. I hope the" lust era also say "1 is the person's body for wheelchair users"

want to let them even if there is a failure, just as entertain the fashionable with the other children, the cooperation of the manufacturer While getting it, I started to decorate the wheelchair.

(Ms. Mika Nakai)

"I want my daughter to have the same experience as other children. When people around me say," It's cute, "I feel a connection with people, and I feel self-esteem. I feel that the power to live will also spring up. Currently, there are only a limited number of products for people with disabilities, and I hope that the movement to "attractive" will spread and understanding will progress. I deny the desire of those who do not want to show it. It ’s not something to do. ”

Show or hide

"It's okay to show or hide. I want society to have more choices,"

said Rib, 27, who was blind in his right eye.

"I'm glad that the attention of artificial limbs and orthoses has increased at the Paralympics. Please spread the design artificial eyes!"

Rib lost his right eye due to a childhood injury.

It is said that his classmates were hit with terrible words such as "rotten eyes" and he was refused to hire a part-time job because of his appearance.

Until recently, I wore artificial eyes and sunglasses that resembled my own eyes, and covered my right eye with my bangs.

When these experiences were accumulated, I started to want to wear a prosthesis of my favorite design and dress up.

Mr. Rib is longing for the villain of the artificial eye that appears in the movie.

He appeared with various designs of artificial eyes according to the situation, and he felt the strength of living happily even if he was insulted by the surroundings.

In January, when I posted a prototype of my own design drawing with the starry sky as a motif on Twitter, I collected 50,000 likes and received a lot of feedback.

It is said that such a reaction boosted Mr. Rib.

Star studs in the center and glitter around.

Since this artificial eye is coated with a transparent synthetic resin for medical use, it does not cause any pain when worn.

In addition, I am enjoying fashion by designing things such as those in which the word "EYE" appears when I hit "black light".

A society where anyone can live comfortably

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, artificial eyes not only improve their appearance, but also protect the conjunctiva and prevent eyelid deformation, but there is no qualification or certification system for making artificial eyes.

At first, Mr. Rib said he gave up because he couldn't find a place to make his own artificial eye.

After that, I searched for a prosthesis who would cooperate with the production with my acquaintance, and created an original work through trial and error.

Mr. Rib hopes that by making many people understand disabilities, it will lead to a more comfortable society.

"Now I'm enjoying it as a fashionable right eye with a prosthesis. I feel like I've opened up my vision. But I also have a lot of unpleasant feelings and I understand that I want to hide. If possible, there is also the feeling that you want to return to the natural look, and the feelings you want to hide, dare failure there is both a feeling that I want to fascinated with confidence as their own "personality", "

" artificial eye is the clothes and accessories I hope it feels like choosing. I hope that society will have more choices and that it will be a society where anyone can live comfortably. "