Europe 1 6:11 p.m., September 7, 2021

After the success of her first world hit "Respect", Aretha Franklin set foot for the first time in France for a European tour and performed on May 12, 1968, on the stage of the Olympia as part of the "Musicorama", series of concerts organized by Europe 1. The station renews its attachment to the Queen of Soul by accompanying the release of "RESPECT", the biopic signed Liesl Tommy with Jennifer Hudson in the title role, in theaters on September 8 and including Europe 1 is a partner.

Rendezvous this week to celebrate this exceptional artist.

On the occasion of the theatrical release of the film 


, Europe 1, partner of the film, is setting up a special antenna system as well as a musical program on Wednesday September 8:

6:30 am-9am - 

Europe Matin

 - Dimitri Pavlenko

 : Laurie Cholewa will come back, this Wednesday at 7.47am, to this exceptional artist.

9 am-11am - 

Media culture

 - Philippe Vandel

 : Thursday, September 9, Margaux Baralon will devote her column to the



4 p.m.-6 p.m. - 

Historically yours

 - Stéphane Bern and Matthieu Noël

 : Aretha Franklin will be one of the three characters in the show dedicated to altar boys.

The opportunity to tell the story and the career of this legendary artist.

8 pm-10pm - 


 - Stéphanie Loire

 : a special evening around Aretha Franklin will be offered to listeners with, in particular, the broadcast of the Special Edition CLAP !, "Les combats d'Aretha" podcast, as well as extracts from the "Musicorama" concert in May 1968 .

Saturday 2 pm-3pm - 


 - Laurie Cholewa

 - Laurie Cholewa will devote a subject to it in her show on Saturday September 11th.

A device to be found on Europe 1, and the resort's social networks.