China News Service, Guangzhou, September 6 (Reporter Fang Weibin) The Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department announced on the 6th that the department, together with the Hong Kong and Macau police, will deploy the "Thunder 2021" joint strike operation from June 2021.

According to the operational arrangements, from June 18th to 19th and August 27th to 28th, the police in the three places simultaneously launched two rounds of unified inspections.

  During the operation, the Guangdong police investigated more than 13,000 entertainment venues and inspected more than 14,000 vehicles; cracked more than 670 criminal cases and arrested more than 1,100 suspects; investigated and dealt with more than 1,100 public security cases and punished 1,800 offenders in public security cases. More than 130 people involved in drugs were seized; 1,300 grams of various drugs, 14 air guns, and 164 bullets were seized; more than 5.1 million yuan was seized in stolen money; 5 illegal vessels were seized, and nearly 10 tons of smuggled goods were seized.

  According to reports, in the "Thunder 2021" joint crackdown operation, the police in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao planned in advance, worked closely together, carefully studied and formulated strategies for action goals, and jointly detected a number of cross-border organized crime cases with significant impact.

  According to the report, on June 4, two mainland men used violent means at a hotel in Macau to snatch 1,300,000 Hong Kong dollars in cash from a guest, Yu Mou, who fled Macau and entered the country. Macau police requested the Guangdong Public Security Bureau to carry out emergency investigations.

After receiving the report, the Guangdong public security organs quickly launched the cross-border case coordination and investigation work mechanism, and cooperated with the Macau police to conduct online and offline investigations and investigations. It was discovered that Zhang Moucheng and Yuan Mouchao were suspected of major crimes, and they succeeded the next day. The three criminal suspects were arrested and brought to justice, and it only took 12 hours from the initiation of the crime to the resolution of the crime.

  In addition, the Zhuhai City Public Security Bureau, based on clues to the series of fraudulent cases of "practice coupons" notified by the Macau police, simultaneously carried out a unified network collection operation in many places across the country. A total of 21 suspects were arrested, 56 cases were cracked, and "practice coupons" and "practice coupons" were seized. A large number of items involved in the case, such as bank cards and mobile phones, successfully eliminated a criminal gang suspected of cross-border fraud; Zhongshan City Public Security Bureau took the initiative and took the initiative to crack down on cross-border organized crimes, and successfully closed a number of cross-border crimes. Gang: The Shenzhen public security organs successfully arrested the suspect Zhang Mozhou who was suspected of smuggling general goods and goods through the second centralized investigation operation of "Thunder 2021", which effectively maintained the stability of social order.

  The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department stated that the Guangdong police and the Hong Kong and Macao police have worked together to continue to organize and carry out the "Thunder" series of joint operations, continue to maintain a high-pressure crackdown on cross-border organized crime, and continue to consolidate and expand the results for the construction of safety. The Bay Area, Convenient Bay Area, and Shared Bay Area create a safer and more stable social environment. (over)