"I want a hella love expressive people of sign language,"

"does win only person of the Olympic Games of sign language,"

the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, also in sign language interpreter of big gestures also a rich look at the Olympic Games closing ceremony many on the net There was a response.

The person in the topic of sign language is Mr. Yasuyuki Toda, who lost his hearing when he was young.

He answered how he translated the announcer's comments and his thoughts on the interpreter while he couldn't hear it.

Sign language interpreter team play

Mr. Toda is also a newscaster for NHK Sign Language News.

When I was 1 year old, I lost my hearing due to otitis media, and he answered by e-mail about the amount of repercussions.

"I am very pleased that many people have become interested in sign language and interpreters in the wake of the Olympics and Paralympics."

The interpreter was team play in the hearing impaired.

First, a healthy person called a feeder who is qualified as a sign language interpreter tells Mr. Toda in sign language what the announcer's comments are and what kind of sound is being heard at the venue.

Then, considering the senses, customs, and cultural background of the Deaf person, we will translate into sign language again.

"The existence of a feeder that conveys voice information to me is very important. We share roles with each other and interpret as a team."

Only sign language people won

On the internet, attention was focused on Mr. Toda's gestures and gestures, such as dancing with performers and playing musical instruments, and his rich facial expressions such as opening his eyes and raising his eyebrows.

"The sign language people are surprised and cute, or it's fun to watch them together. Laughter."

"I really like the sign language people at the closing ceremony


Some people tweeted with these words used by young people.

"Sign language people, when it was Gurenge, it was a demon tile and the prairie wwwwww"

"Only the sign language people of the Olympics won."

Rich facial expressions are one of the grammars

In response to the reaction on the internet, Mr. Toda replied, "I'm not trying to enrich my facial expressions."

"It's one of the important grammars that make up sign language, including the movement of the eyebrows, the degree of opening of the eyes, and the movement of the upper body. It's different. It means that I was interpreting using grammar. "

I was staring at the TV

I was also interested in the quiet view of the monitor screen without an interpreter.

The reason is….

"Sign language is a visual language. I talk with my eyes. When I'm staring at me through the screen, I'm wondering if I'm talking about something. There is no voice at the venue. Sometimes I took the method of looking at the monitor with the meaning "I don't have audio information right now, please look at the venue."

The meaning of my hearing loss as an interpreter

Mr. Toda also taught us the importance of having a hearing-impaired person take charge of an interpreter.

According to Mr. Toda, even if you say "sign language" in a word, it is divided into "Japanese sign language", which applies sign language words to Japanese word by word, and "Japanese sign language", which has a completely different grammatical structure from Japanese. It seems that it can be considered.

"Japanese Sign Language" is the mother tongue for Deaf people, and it means that hearing-impaired people can convey more detailed information and nuances by acting as an interpreter.

"There are many interpreters who are good at Japanese sign language even for hearing interpreters. However, I feel relieved that they are the same interpreters for the same Deaf people, including the culture of the Deaf, the values ​​of the Deaf people, the characteristics of Japanese Sign Language, and the unique wording. I think it can be expensive. "

Not in the corner of the screen

In both the Olympics and the Paralympics, the interpreters were projected in a large size rather than in the corner of the screen.

Mr. Toda said, "I think that the big image made it possible for Deaf people to enjoy watching it without getting tired. Actually," I was able to enjoy it from the beginning to the end. Thank you for the impression! " I hope that the number of layouts in which sign language interpreters will appear larger will increase in the future. "