How did this young man become "one month on Tik Tok"?

The Italian Xabi Lam is one of the most famous personalities on the "Tik Tok" website, as he was able to surpass many celebrities in the number of followers, for his enjoyment of filming videos in a unique and sarcastic way.

And in the spring of 2020, the story of the Senegalese-born Italian Jabe Lam, aged 21, began when he lost his job in a factory due to the Corona pandemic, which was his only source of livelihood.

Out of boredom, Xabi Lam was busy filming videos and uploading them to Tik Tok, and he was a huge success.

Within a few months, the young man became one of the most popular bloggers on Tik Tok, with a following of 107 million!

Lam's enormous popularity was exceptional for several considerations, because he works alone, and has no one to help him in production and marketing, and he did not resort to promoting himself with advertisements, yet he became one of the Internet celebrities.

The page of the Italian of Senegalese descent is the second most popular page on the "Tik Tok" site.

And the first place went to an American dancer named Charlie D'Amelio, who is 17 years old, slightly ahead of him with 122 million followers.

And this girl was the first Internet celebrity who managed to cross 100 million subscribers on Tik Tok.

Despite this, young Lam has every chance to surpass the American dancer in the number of followers and fans.

Last month, his followers increased by more than 12 million, while his rival increased her audience in the same period by only 2 million.

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