Singer BoA's older brother, director Kwon Soon-wook, died after battling peritoneal cancer.

On the 5th, BoA's first brother, Kwon Soon-hwon, announced through his SNS that his younger brother, director Kwon Soon-wook, passed away on the 5th, saying, "I am holding a funeral with my relatives due to Corona 19. I ask for your warmest condolences, Please pray for your well-being."

Director Kwon Soon-wook, BoA's second older brother, confessed that he was battling stage 4 peritoneal cancer in May, causing many people's concerns. At the time, he confessed, "I have cancer in the peritoneum and it is stage 4 cancer due to metastasis. Currently, there is not much time left medically."

At the time, BoA expressed her infinite affection, saying, "My oppa, who is always cool and confident in my eyes! Like you.. Just like you... Let's get through it! And honestly, your face looks much better now. That's a picture from before. I love you a lot, my oppa." .

Born in 1981, the deceased received a master's degree from Hongik University's graduate school, and made his directorial debut with Poppin Hyun-jun's music video in 2005. Since then, he has directed movies and TV shows.

The funeral will be held at Asan Hospital in Seoul, and the funeral is scheduled for the 7th.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)