It's a hit with


, Kanye West's new album which was finally released last Sunday, more than a month after the originally scheduled date.

The rapper's tenth opus is currently breaking all listening records on Apple Music in more than 100 countries as revealed by the NME.

Of the 27 tracks on the album, which includes collaborations with Jay-Z, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Lil Baby, Kid Cudi and Pusha T, 19 made it to the top 20 of Apple Music's Daily Top 100 Global, all within 24 hours of leaving.

But this is not the only record broken by



Not happy so far

Kanye West also becomes the most streamed artist on the platform in a single day, and


is now the most streamed album in a day in 2021, breaking Olivia Rodrigo's record.

Despite this immense success, Kanye West is fuming, assuring that Universal released the album without his agreement while censoring certain passages, in particular a verse performed by DaBaby which became infrequent after having made homophobic remarks during a concert in July. latest.


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