The trend of domestic products and thrifty style lead the consumption at the beginning of school

【Economy Interface】 

With the opening of schools in various primary and secondary schools, students and parents have become busy one after another. In shopping malls, supermarkets, stationery stores, and bookstores, parents can often see parents taking their children to make "big purchases."

Some people are looking forward to the new semester and have purchased new equipment such as computers and mobile phones; some people have purchased a lot of books and teaching materials to prepare for the new semester's schoolwork; some people are away from home to study and pack a lot of hometown in their backpacks. Specialties...The hot sales of learning and daily necessities such as computers, stationery, school bags, snacks, etc., have driven the consumption of the school season to rise, and the trend of domestic products and frugality has become a new trend leading the school consumption.

1. The rise of domestic products, the quality of the "shopping cart" at the beginning of school is upgraded


On the afternoon of September 2, a stationery store in a shopping mall in Beijing was filled with school supplies such as school bags, notebooks, pens, and pencil cases.

Parents and students come to shop in an endless stream, and there is a long queue of customers waiting to check out at the cashier.

The reporter saw that eye-catching discount promotion labels were affixed to many merchandise shelves in the store, and a primary school student was happily choosing with several highlighters of different colors in his hand.

The mother of the elementary school student told reporters: "The child is about to be in first grade. I took her to the physical store to let her choose stationery by herself. It is also a sense of ceremony that the school is about to start. At this time, there are often promotional activities in the store, and online The price is not too different, and the quality is better."

  Every school season, the sales of student-related products are always hot.

In this stationery store, the reporter found that in addition to traditional signature pens, notebooks and other stationery, there are also many unique stationery displayed in the cultural and creative commodity area. This area is also a very popular place for students in the entire stationery store. There are a lot of "small customers" gathered.

Products such as a decompression gel pen with a sponge material, a peculiar and cute rubber suit, and a schoolbag printed with cartoon characters have become the new favorites of primary and secondary school students.

  "Students now hope that their stationery is different. When we purchase, we will purchase more erasers and pens in the shape of small animals. The sales of this type of stationery are much better than other types of products." A stationery The shop owner said that the functions, styles and types of domestic stationery are becoming more and more diverse. Stationery styles with personalized styles, novel and creative designs are selling very well.

In addition, there are also many learning tools and animation IP joint names, adding characters and other elements, and selling them in the form of stationery blind boxes and stationery gift bags, attracting the attention of many post-00s and post-10s.

  Stationery such as writing supplies has always been a "frequent customer" in the purchase list for the beginning of school. With the development of the Internet and the reform of teaching methods, people's consumption has gradually upgraded. Some electronic school supplies have begun to become essential "equipment" for primary and middle school students. .

Zhang Yingjia, a sophomore in high school, just bought a tablet and a stylus.

"Normally, there will be some drawing and PPT presentations in class. After buying new equipment, I can complete my homework in class, and the learning efficiency will be relatively high." Zhang Yingjia is full of expectations for the upcoming new semester.

  With the rise of domestic products, the consumer market is showing new trends.

Some foreign fashion brands cooperated with popular IPs to launch joint products at amazing prices, and these products are gradually no longer the "fashion" that students advertised.

Wang Ping, a student at Nanjing University, spent 159 yuan on the Internet to "grab" a short-sleeved shirt jointly named by Hongxing Erke and Henan Museum. It felt "cool" to wear it.

  Nowadays, the content of the students' "shopping cart" is becoming more and more abundant.

From traditional stationery to digital equipment, it reflects the development of education and the changes in the way young people obtain information.

Gao Baohua, a researcher at the Institute of Service and Trade of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, analyzed and pointed out that in the past, students mostly bought stationery such as books, paper and pens. This change is related to factors such as the increase in household income levels and the widespread use of electronic goods in the digital economy era, reflecting the upgrading of the consumer market in the first school season.

2. Focus on cost performance, frugality becomes a new school style


The survey shows that in the apparel and footwear category, college students spend the most money on casual shoes, running shoes, and basketball shoes.

They are used to spending on sportswear.

"Shoe fashion" has become more and more popular in recent years, especially in the post-95s and post-00s.

During the interview, the reporter found that whether it was clothes, sneakers, computers, stationery, students did not blindly pursue foreign “brands” when choosing, but paid more attention to practicality and appearance. For some high cost-effective domestic brands It is more favored.

The "big items" that freshmen buy for admission often cost tens of thousands of yuan, but electronic products such as mobile phones are not replaced every semester. Improper consumption will cause students to have bad habits such as comparing each other and following the trend. "School wasted."

  In a Xinhua Bookstore in Beijing, Aunt Lin is choosing exercise books for her daughter who is in the third grade of elementary school.

"The expenditure for the beginning of the new semester is mainly to buy some teaching supplementary books for the children, and other things are available at home. My two children are not very different in age. The clothes and shoes I bought for my sister are still very new, and the younger daughter can continue to wear them. , Saving a lot of expenses." Aunt Lin told reporters.

  Li Shanshan, who is studying in the junior high school of Beijing Eleven School, is about to enter high school.

“The loose-leaf notebooks and pens I bought in junior high school have not been used up, and the pen case hasn’t been bought for a long time. It’s a waste to change to a new one.” Li Shanshan said, she usually wears school uniforms most of the time in school, and she has no chance to wear the clothes she bought. , So the spending on clothing at the beginning of school is very small, and most of the consumption is used to buy books.

  Qu Jiashuo, an undergraduate student in Shanghai, did not spend too much on stationery such as paper, pen and school bags this semester.

He said: "The schoolbags I bought before can still be used. There are still a lot of pens and refills in the last semester. There is no need to buy new ones this semester." In terms of stationery brand selection, he has been buying it since high school. For domestic brands such as Baixue and Chenguang, the price of a pen is mostly around two yuan.

  Qu Jiashuo likes playing basketball very much. He just bought himself a pair of new sneakers a few days ago.

He told reporters that functional shoes such as basketball shoes and running shoes generally choose branded products, and the price is around 600 yuan.

The casual shoes he usually wears mainly depend on the appearance and whether it matches with the clothes. He doesn't care about whether it is a foreign "famous brand". The quality and comfort of domestic products are also very good.

  There are many consumer orientations like Qu Jiashuo.

Li Shengnan bought herself a set of skin care products in the new semester, and also chose domestic products.

"I bought this set of domestic skin care products with relatively safe ingredients, very suitable for my skin, and very cost-effective." Li Shengnan said.

  In the university dormitory, you can see all kinds of "dormitory artifacts" everywhere.

The "Pap Light" attached to the closet will light up as soon as the light is turned off, adding a touch of warmth to the bedroom after the lights are turned off; the cleverly designed bedside shelf can be hung beside the bed, so that the upper bunk can also have a "bedside table"; no perforation is required Telescopic rods and hanging storage boxes can "expand and upgrade" the space of the dormitory...These "artifacts" can be ordered online for only a few tens of dollars, but they are very practical and are the "good hearts" of many college students.

  Student groups are a fresh force in the continuous rise of China's consumer market.

Liu Hui, dean of the Institute of Consumption and Industrial Development of, believes that they pay more attention to individuality, self-expression, and like fresh experiences and services.

For example, many post-00s have a broad international vision, but they are more interested in chasing the country, especially the time-honored brands used by their parents.

Innovative products aimed at young user groups are often touted.

  "The consumption wave brought by the school season is actually a clear demonstration of the consumption trend of the young consumer group represented by the students. They have gradually become an important role in the Chinese market, and their influence on brands, manufacturers, and retail links will More and more far-reaching." Liu Hui said that in order to better meet their needs and stimulate market vitality, more companies will deepen the consumer-centric main line, deep combination of goods + services + content, and more personalized Design and cross-border cooperation...These trends will drive the high-quality development of the market, benefit more consumers, and simultaneously upgrade the manufacturing and circulation links.

3. Pursuing quality, electronic products have become "standard equipment" for university consumption


The "Analysis Report on Post-00s Online Shopping Behavior" released by Yu Guoming Academic Studio of the School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University shows that when new youths choose an online shopping platform, they are most concerned about the ease of use of the platform (79.2%) and the cost-effectiveness of the product ( 77.2%) these two factors.

The personality consumption of post-00s presents the following main characteristics: love social sharing and technological fashion, love "wool" and value quality.

The report believes that compared with the post-80s and post-90s, the new youth groups represented by the post-00s are closely bound to the consumer society at birth and are becoming an important pillar of the new social consumption.

Post-00s online shopping is also in line with the mainstream consumer development trend of "cost-effective, high-quality".

  The opening season of each year is a hot season for consumer electronics.

Mobile phones, laptops, and tablet computers have always been the "oldest things" for college students to start school.

Recently, released the "2021 School Season-College Students Online Shopping Fun Insight Report", which shows that in terms of per capita turnover, college students spend the most on computer office, mobile communications, and digital products.

In the past academic year, the number of users of college students who bought computers online exceeded the number of users who bought stationery online by 1.1 times.

The sales of internet cards, Polaroids, mirrorless cameras, and tablet PCs all increased year-on-year by more than 100%.

  Electronic learning devices with more technological sense are not only popular among elementary and middle school students, but the consumer demand for these products is even stronger among college students.

The son of Ms. Li, who lives in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is about to enter the university campus. School is about to start. Ms. Li takes the children to the shopping mall to select mobile phones and computers.

"I don't know much about these electronic products, so I brought my children over and let him choose by himself." Ms. Li said that his son majored in architectural design, and he will often use computers for drawing in the future, and the computer performance must be higher.

Finally, Ms. Li bought a high-end computer for her son.

  Fang Zijian, a “pre-graduate student”, also made sufficient preparations for the study and life after the school started.

"My graduate major requires frequent fieldwork, so I spent about 2500 yuan to buy a recording pen to organize the research materials later." Fang Zijian said, "In addition to research, I have to read a lot of literature. It’s too inconvenient to print them all on paper. My classmate recommended to me a 13.3-inch domestic e-reader. The screen is very eye-friendly. In split-screen mode, you can also take notes while reading. All reading records and traces of sketching are It can be saved for later retrieval. I think it suits me very well."

  Many college students leave their hometowns to study in different places, missing the "taste" of their hometown very much, and hope to share them with their classmates.

Li Shengnan, born in 2001, is about to start her junior year at the beginning of school. One of her roommates is from Xinjiang.

Every year when school starts, this Xinjiang girl brings some hometown specialties to her roommates.

Li Shengnan said: "My Xinjiang roommate will bring us some roasted naan and beef jerky from her home at the beginning of school. The Qianxi chestnut and chess sesame cakes from my hometown are more famous, and I will also buy some for everyone to try."

  The consumption of college students in the first school season also exudes more "breath of life."

The data shows that the students who walked into the campus bought a large number of snacks and even health care products: the online transaction volume of coffee, flower nectar, milk and dairy products increased by more than 100% year-on-year, and the online transaction volume of convenience food and brewed grains increased by more than 50% year-on-year. .

Liu Hui said that tea and snacks can not only regulate the tension and pressure of study, but also the fun shared by students when they socialize and chat in the dormitory.

Behind this is a clear manifestation of the young generation's love of life and concern for health.

(Our reporter Dong Bei)