, Lanzhou, September 3 (Reporter Ding Si) From the "popular" Dunhuang dance exercises to the "Dunhuang Flying" rhythmic gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics, from cultural and creative products with Dunhuang murals to "cross-border" food fields ; From the offline trip to Dunhuang to the online art exhibition... In recent years, through the integration of innovative design concepts of the times and digital technology, the millennium flying "flying out of the cave" has "out of the circle" in a more fashionable way. An upsurge of national cultural consumption represented by Dunhuang culture, the "taste" Generation Z has made young people fall in love with Dunhuang.

  Dunhuang silk scarves, make-up series, jelly bags, mobile phone cases...For the past few days, the online Dunhuang concept art exhibition jointly created by Dunhuang Museum's official cultural and creative brand Dunhuang Museum·Silu Souvenirs and 360 Pictorial is on display on the Internet. The three exhibition areas of Dunhuang cultural relics exhibition, buyer's shop, and art banquet lead the public to unlock parallel worlds and travel through the millennium of Dunhuang.

On the day the art exhibition went online, over a million people entered the exhibition hall to experience it.

  In addition to the online Dunhuang cultural and creative exhibition, the team also used Dunhuang original IP as the background color to launch an offline tour of the museum tour in Lanzhou, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Beijing Wanda Plaza, through immersive experience The form of Dunhuang art makes Dunhuang art visible, tangible, and possible to try, and presents the original flavor of Dunhuang art to the public.

In May 2021, the "Explore Museum Tour" (Lanzhou Station) will be held. The event will carry out a series of national tide theme experience activities through online and offline platforms.

Gao Zhanshe

  A generation has the fashion of a generation, and today’s Generation Z is particularly patriotic.

Generation Z is a buzzword on the Internet, and it also refers to people in the new era.

The new "Generation Z" refers to the generation born between 1995 and 2009, also known as the "Internet generation", "Internet generation", "secondary generation", "digital media natives" and so on.

  Wang Li, a “post-90s” Lanzhou girl who loves antiquity, loves Dunhuang Wenchuang. She chooses a silk scarf printed with Dunhuang Mojing and a T-shirt with nine-color deer.

"Dunhuang powder" Wang Li visited Dunhuang before. She said that our traditional culture is too shocking. Dunhuang cultural and creative products always bring us a lot of surprises. Wearing them on my body makes me feel even more extraordinary. Different fashion expressions.

Dunhuang cultural and creative products that are more grounded and no longer superior will be closer to the "tide" in the hearts of young people.

  "The most impressive thing in Dunhuang is the classic murals rebounding the pipa and the colorful sculptures of Dunhuang in the grottoes, but these'beauties' seem to be a bit distant from modern life." He Shanshan, founder of the Silk Road Souvenirs of Dunhuang Museum, accepted on the 3rd. A reporter from China News Agency said that the hobbies of modern young people are diverse. With the rise of the national trend, they are more willing to accept these products that incorporate culture and art.

  He Xiaoshan said that at present, the team has developed more than 100 types of cultural and creative products, and expanded them in different consumer fields, such as cross-border clothing, maternal and child products, outdoor products, and art studios.

"We will be bolder in product design, incorporating pop, baroque, punk and other artistic elements that are favored by young people, so that Dunhuang art can once again integrate with world art. We hope that in a simple, interesting and fun way, The Dunhuang culture is spread to the general public, exploring a younger and more attractive modern expression."

  Not only that, the "National Tide Dunhuang" is also unstoppably popular at home and abroad.

In October 2020, a video of Dunhuang middle school exercise students dancing Dunhuang dance became popular on the Internet, and Dunhuang dance became a dance that young people rushed to imitate.

During this period, the Chinese National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team made a special trip to Dunhuang to observe and exchange, and performed the "Dunhuang Flying" rhythmic gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics this year. The beauty of Dunhuang once again astounded the world.

  Coincidentally, as a research base for the promotion and dissemination of Dunhuang culture, Dunhuang Mogaoli Craftsman Village excavated Dunhuang history and culture, enriched cultural experience content, and completed some exhibitions and sculptures of the rock color research studio, ancient art photography restoration studio, and old workshop Carry out research courses such as painting (plastic) of Dunhuang by the master, copying of Dunhuang mural paintings, pressing blanks of Dunhuang shadow plastics, making of colored pottery for shadow plastics, and Dunhuang paper-cutting. Since June this year, more than 10,000 visitors have been received and more than 240 research teams have been received. indivual.

  "Digitalization" is a powerful assist to help the ancient Dunhuang cross-border "out of the circle".

Su Xing, deputy director of the Dunhuang Cultural Relics Conservation Center, said that the city digs deep into the collection of cultural relics resources, promotes the "Dunhuang Cultural Seed Project" and the "Dunhuang Culture Going to the Sea", and holds the "Looking for Dunhuang in the World-Dunhuang Dispersed Overseas Cultural Relics Copy Exhibition", etc. Numerous online exhibitions, "Smart Guide" and "Digital Pavilion" service projects have been opened on the WeChat official account, and live broadcast activities have been carried out through new media platforms such as Weibo, Douyin, and Kuaishou, so that Dunhuang culture can be more youthful , Spread farther and wider.

  Regarding the popularity of the "National Tide Dunhuang" series of products, in He Shanshan's view, "This is inseparable from consumers in the'Z era'." With the improvement of aesthetic ability and the enhancement of national cultural self-confidence, the national tide has risen strongly in recent years.

"National Tide Dunhuang" just captures the preferences of "Z era" consumers, extracts the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture, incorporates fashion design, and inherits cultural values ​​in a new form.

  He Xiaoshan said that even though there are endless stories and endless art on the Silk Road, the team has been a promoter of Dunhuang culture from beginning to end, as a development and operator who inherits and promotes Dunhuang culture, let this temperature influence more Young people join this ranks and become the disseminators and pioneers of Dunhuang culture. Only in this way can the "national tide of Dunhuang" change from "popular red" to "long red".