Louise Bernard with Alexis Patri 11:07 am, September 3, 2021

The Séries Mania festival, which is held in Lille, unveiled the winners of its 2021 edition on Thursday. Among the 14 prizes awarded, many new French series eagerly awaited by fans of the genre.

Overview of the new French productions which will be released soon and which will have to be watched.

He just went out.

The winners of the Séries Mania festival were unveiled on Thursday evening in Lille.

Many prizes awarded, 14 in total.

And the French competition promises great discoveries.

The prize for the best series went to

Jeune et Golri

, created by Agnès Hurstel and worn by herself and Marie Papillon.

The eight-part series has been available since Thursday on OCS.

She also won the prize for best original music.

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Awards for 


Le code 



The award for best actress goes to Ariane Labed for her role in 

The Opera


This is also a series available on the OCS streaming platform.

The prize for best actor was awarded to actor Daniel Njo Lobé for his role in

Le code

, a series which will be broadcast on France 2. 

Another series of France 2 was also rewarded during this list of the 2021 edition of the Séries Mania festival: the eagerly awaited



She won the coveted Audience Award.

Etienne Lantier, the hero of Emile Zola played by Renaud in the 1993 film, is played there by Louis Peres.

An actor already noticed in the france.tv series