China Weather News Today (September 2), Beijing will continue its sunny to cloudy weather pattern, with a maximum temperature of about 30℃ and a minimum temperature of about 20℃; from the night of the 3rd to the 4th, Beijing will usher in a citywide In rainy weather, citizens need to pay attention to nowcasting in time.

  Yesterday, most of Beijing was dominated by sunny to cloudy weather. In the evening, scattered thunderstorms appeared in the northern mountainous areas.

  It is expected that today, Beijing will continue to have a sunny to cloudy weather pattern; there will be polydisperse rainfall in mountainous areas from afternoon to evening.

According to the latest forecast issued by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 6 o'clock this morning, during the day today, Beijing will turn from sunny to cloudy, with showers in the mountains, north to south wind 2, 3 rooms with 4 levels, and a maximum temperature of 30℃; at night it is cloudy and sunny with south winds at 2 levels. Around, the lowest temperature is 20℃.

  The Meteorological Department reminded that from the afternoon to the evening of the next two days, the mountainous areas of Beijing will have more scattered rains and the risk of geological disasters in the mountainous areas is higher. Citizens should try their best to avoid visiting high-risk areas such as mountains and rivers; in addition, from the night of the 3rd to the 4th, Beijing will Once there was a city-wide rainy weather, the citizens needed rain gear when they went out and paid attention to the nowcast in time.