Good news for fans of the little queen.

The metropolis of Lyon is lowering the price of electric bicycle rentals.

The subscription thus increases to 35 euros per month, against 60 euros, initially announced.

Since September 1, it is possible to reserve an electric bicycle for a renewable three-month period.

The purchase price, a brake

"We wanted to offer this service at an attractive and affordable price because our desire is to allow all major Lyonnais to be able to test electrically assisted bicycles", explains Fabien Bagnon, Deputy Vice-President for Roads and Mobility active.

And to add: "We know that the rental price or the purchase price of a VAE is often a major obstacle to the practice by people with modest incomes".

Four hundred electrically assisted bicycles are already available for hire, by taking out a My Vélo'v subscription on the site:

This service is operated by the network of Cyclable shops.

The monthly subscription at 35 euros includes the upkeep and maintenance of the bike for the duration of the rental.

Once rented, this bike is strictly personal.


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