The disappearance of an American who was saved by his wife from the jaws of a crocodile

Crocodile - archive photo

The US state of Louisiana witnessed a strange incident, during the catastrophic flood crisis;

A man believed to have died was bitten by a crocodile while he was wading through the water, before his wife succeeded in saving him later, and then he was surprised by his disappearance, according to what American media reported.

The incident occurred last Monday in the city of Slidell, which was swept by the devastating "Hurricane Ida", when the 71-year-old was walking in flood waters knee-high, while checking his belongings in a storage area under the house.

The man was attacked by a huge crocodile that washed up in the area.

The wife was inside her house when she heard a commotion, and when she came out she saw a big crocodile attacking her husband.

The crocodile left, but unfortunately after it devoured the man's arms, the wife quickly pulled him out of the flood waters, and went back inside the house in search of first aid supplies.

Because of the seriousness of his condition and his continuous bleeding, the wife decided to go abroad to seek urgent help;

The emergency lines were not working at the time.

The tragedy was completed when the woman returned home to be surprised by the disappearance of her husband, while efforts to find him have not yet succeeded, and the incident is still under investigation, although the evidence suggests his death.

Police said the couple's home is surrounded by marshes, in an area known to have crocodiles, but it was not uncommon for people to see crocodiles seven feet long or more.

The city authorities urged residents to exercise extreme caution while walking in flooded areas;

Because the hurricane may have altered conditions for wildlife, causing crocodiles and other animals to move closer to residential neighbourhoods.

Louisiana and Florida have the largest numbers of crocodiles in the United States, with more than one million wild crocodiles in them, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.