Aranka bade farewell to the zoo in Amnéville (Moselle).

The female rhino will be transferred to another animal park, located in Denmark.

The French zoo announced Tuesday on its Facebook page: “You saw him born, take his first steps and grow in our park.

It is now time for her to leave for new horizons ”.

"She is independent, is not afraid of anything"

Aranka was born in 2018 in Amnéville.

"She is independent, is not afraid of anything, and she is even very sociable with her fellows", explain the site managers on Facebook.

"We knew from the start that Aranka would go to live her adult life and reproduce in another park," they replied to a user who wondered about the reasons for this transfer.

The zoo team prepared the transfer of the animal upstream to ensure that everything went well on D-day. Aranka thus returned to her crate in a few seconds to continue her life in Denmark.

“Rhinos are endangered animals.

[…] Nowadays, nearly four rhinos a day are killed in Africa, it is therefore important to protect them, ”recalls the zoo.


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