On September 1, residents of Shimian County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province encountered a group of monkeys walking down the mountain to hunt for food on the road in Menghuocheng scenic spot, and they recorded this scene with their mobile phones.

The video showed that monkeys came down the mountain in groups of three or five, crossed the road one after another, and ran to the grass on the side of the road for food.

  According to Zhu Yudong, a staff member of the Liziping National Nature Reserve Administration in Sichuan, this group of monkeys is a second-level national key protected animal Tibetan chieftain monkeys. They like to live in groups and mainly feed on plants.

The appearance of monkey groups in the scenic area is closely related to the continuous improvement of the ecological environment in Shimian County in recent years.

(Liu Gang, Li Mengqin, Li Kang produced Zhou Jing, video source from Shimian Rong Media Center)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]