Thick smoke rises over a house in Upper Bavaria.

An explosion sets it on fire.

There are injured and missing.

The fire brigade, ambulance service and police are on a large scale.

At least two people were injured in the explosion of a single-family house in Rohrbach an der Ilm in Upper Bavaria (Pfaffenhofen district).

Two more have been missing so far, said a spokesman for the integrated control center in Ingolstadt on Thursday afternoon.

The family house collapsed after the explosion and started to burn.

The police confirmed the information in the afternoon.

According to the police, the neighboring house was also badly damaged by the explosion.

The two residents of the house were slightly injured.

Pictures of the scene of the accident showed how one side of the neighboring house was almost completely open - obviously because the wall of the house had been torn away by the explosion.

A large number of fire and rescue services are on site, and rescue dogs have been requested to search for missing people in the rubble, the spokesman for the control center said.

The fire brigade tried to put out the fire with two turntable ladders.

A rescue helicopter and a police helicopter were in use.

The explosion was reported to the police on Thursday at around 12.40 p.m.

What led to the accident remained unclear at first.

The criminal police started investigating the cause in the afternoon.

The municipality of Rohrbach an der Ilm is located around 30 kilometers from Ingolstadt.

According to the Bayern portal, a good 6,000 residents were registered there (as of March 2021).