More and more children of migrant workers learn skills to become job experts, entrepreneurial idols, and craftsmen of great power...

Vocational schools that are "too bottom" can also be very "sweet"

  Our reporter Li Na

  "Workers Daily" (September 03, 2021 07 Edition)

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  In recent years, as the development of vocational education and cultivating craftsmen from great powers has become a national strategy, the enrollment policies of secondary vocational schools and ordinary high schools have also been adjusted. Vocational colleges have also become the choice for many migrant children to study, and they can gain a foothold through the acquisition of a skill. , And even the top talents in the industry continue to emerge, some of them have become job experts, entrepreneurial idols, and craftsmen of great powers.

  It's the beginning of the year again. For the students, the entrance examination, the college entrance examination, the staged entry...every important hurdle will affect their life, and under the guidance of the general vocational policy, some students are destined to be diverted to vocational schools. Sequence, there is no shortage of migrant workers among them.

Statistics show that skilled workers account for only 26% of the total employed population in my country, and highly skilled personnel account for only 28% of the total skilled personnel. By 2025, the demand for talents in key areas of my country's manufacturing industry will be nearly 30 million, such as housekeeping, pensions, etc. The field demand gap reaches 40 million people.

After entering the vocational school, how has the trajectory of the migrant children changed in their lives?

What kind of story is behind it?

A reporter from the Workers’ Daily conducted an interview.

A "persistent" choice

  "Too hard", "damage to the eyes and body", and "difficult career path in the future"... In 2014, after the high school entrance examination, Cheng Banglian decided to enter the Chengdu Technician College to learn welding technology, but his parents came to learn welding technology. Strong opposition for this reason.

  Cheng Banglian was born in a peasant family. His mother was in poor health and stayed at home to take care of the fields. His father, who had been working abroad all year round, had gone through too many hardships in life. He hoped that his son could take a relatively easy road. After learning that Cheng Banglian’s performance could not reach the general high line Under the circumstances, the idea of ​​repetition was proposed.

  “I know that I’m not learning. Learning a skill for survival is the most important thing.” Despite the insistence of his parents, Cheng Banglian insisted on choosing a vocational school. “In fact, there was no clear goal at the beginning, but I just thought it was suitable for me. Direction".

After entering the technical school, he was selected into the school welding training team with his excellent welding skills, participated in many national, provincial and municipal skills competitions, and won the first place in the 2017 Chengdu Youth Skills Competition (Welding). , And obtained a senior technician qualification certificate.

  Vocational education is the education that poor students receive. The future of children entering secondary vocational colleges is slim, and there are limitations in talent training... In a wide range of parent groups, this kind of cognition of secondary vocational education has existed for a long time.

Wang Jie also experienced the dispute between Cheng Banglian and his parents. Fortunately, they all proved their choice to their parents with practical actions.

  “In fact, parents don’t really understand the status quo of secondary vocational education. The tendency towards Pugao and the discrimination against vocational schools come from long-standing stereotypes.” Now he has a doctorate degree and works in Art and Industrial Design of Yibin College Wang Jie of the school still has a clear memory of the "negotiation" with his father after the entrance examination that year.

That year, her results in the high school entrance examination passed the scores of Pu Gao and the "Secondary Normal School", but after careful consideration, she chose the road of vocational school.

  Because of the clear assessment of his own prospects, even if he had a huge dispute with his parents, Wang Jie still firmly stepped into the gate of Liujia Vocational and Technical School in Xuzhou District, Yibin City. "This is a very crucial decision on my growth."

"What you want" is important

  During the technical school, Cheng Banglian successfully entered the Chengdu Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Trade. This year's graduation season, he joined Chengdu Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. as he wished. All this was a little unexpected for his parents.

In fact, with the expansion of higher vocational enrollment, my country has lifted the restriction on the promotion of secondary vocational graduates. In other words, secondary vocational graduates can also pass the vocational college entrance examination, higher vocational single enrollment, and higher vocational independent enrollment. , This proportion has reached as high as 80% in many places.

  "Good job opportunities are not easy to come by, first accumulate experience, and the educational qualification improvement plan is already on the agenda."

At present, Cheng Banglian devotes himself to the intense work every day. He is very grateful for this era and has made himself fortunate to be a member of the space service for the country.

"Employment of vocational school students is not a problem, but it is very important to know what you want in your heart." Cheng Banglian said.

  As a fresh graduate of vocational school, Yu Jun is not eager to push himself into the workplace. After receiving the admission notice from the Intelligent Manufacturing Department of Jincheng College of Sichuan University, he terminated the employment agreement with a private company and is currently in his hometown of Langzhong Ancient City. Enjoy the college vacation comfortably.

  "The life in a vocational school is very different from what I imagined, but even in such a stressful environment, I tried again for the future."

Yu Jun lived with his grandparents since he was a child. His parents worked in other places all year round and rarely accompanied him. He hardly interfered in his academic and employment choices, and did not give any advice. However, absolute autonomy did not allow him Feel relaxed.

  "The college entrance examination failed, choosing a vocational school is a kind of helplessness. In fact, I was very confused at the time." Yu Jun told reporters that until he really entered the vocational school life, he seemed to have come to a whole new world. Not only was the curriculum arrangement very compact, every semester was 8 weeks His practical exercises even exercised his skills, but what really gave him the idea of ​​entering a higher school was the profound feeling during the internship.

  "Undergraduate students go directly to the R&D department, and junior college students stay on the front line of production. They have a very strong sense of imbalance." Yu Jun said that he must allow himself full choice before entering the workplace. Further education is the best he can think of. Shortcut path.

The road to "to the bottom" is also very fragrant

  Cheng Banglian and Yu Jun were both children with not-so-good-looking "curling results", but they all clarified their path to growth step by step in the life of a vocational school.

The reporter learned that in order to prevent more students from making detours, Sichuan Province clearly proposed that students in the compulsory education stage should carry out vocational enlightenment education to avoid the current stage of students’ ignorance of their own characteristics, and at the same time, there is no common problem of basic understanding of the profession, which inspires them Think about your future career based on your own professional cognition, your own interests, and conditions.

At present, activities such as "Artisans from Great Powers Entering Campus", "Model Workers Entering Campus", and "Vocational Education Activity Week" are in full swing at the elementary and middle school stage.

  In fact, through learning skills to rewrite destiny, stories like this happen every day, and even top talents in the industry continue to emerge. Some of them have become job experts, entrepreneurial idols, and great country craftsmen. More and more people discover that the original " Vocational schools with "too bottom" can also be very "sweet".

It is reported that in recent years, in order to ensure that vocational education and general education have the same status, equal emphasis, and equal support, Sichuan Province has continuously reformed its system and mechanism, deepened the integration of production and education, and clearly proposed the establishment of an education-employment "revolving door" mechanism, and explored academic certificates And the recognition, accumulation and conversion of learning achievements embodied in vocational skill level certificates and vocational qualification certificates provide strong support for the career development and lifelong learning of technical and skilled talents.

  "The most important educational advantage of vocational education is to teach students career planning. Whether it is for further education or employment, they can not waste opportunities and shine in ordinary positions." Wang Jie wants to use his identity as a person and teacher to eliminate it. More students and parents’ prejudice, in her view, “Vocational education and other education are equally important education. The way to become a talent is not to choose education that follows the trend, but to choose the right education.”