Tottori Prefecture has decided to establish a new "child priority frame" to accelerate the inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine to children over 12 years old.

This was revealed by Governor Hirai of Tottori Prefecture at a press conference on the 2nd.

In Tottori prefecture, about 60% of the people in their 20s or younger were confirmed to be infected in the two weeks until August 30, and the prefecture vaccinated children and students aged 12 and over, as well as university students. We are planning to set up a "child priority frame" to accelerate the situation.

Priority frames have been set at 6 occupational inoculation venues in the prefecture, and reservations are accepted at the prefecture's consultation desk from the 2nd.

According to Tottori Prefecture, there is a vacancy in the reservation space for a total of 18,000 people at the occupational inoculation venue, so we decided to utilize occupational inoculation for the younger generation.

Governor Hirai said, "We have determined that there are cases of infection in the school and it is urgent. We would like to promote vaccination of young people by setting a priority frame."