China News Service, Dalian, September 1 (Reporter Yang Yi) From 12:00 noon on September 1, the fishing moratorium in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea in China has ended, and fishing boats in the Yellow and Bohai Sea fishing areas will start fishing in the autumn flood season.

  Since 12:00 noon on May 1, the fishing auxiliary vessels and fishing vessels in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea north of 35 degrees north latitude will be closed simultaneously.

China has implemented the summer fishing moratorium system in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea in 1995. This year is the 27th year that the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea has implemented the summer fishing moratorium.

  On September 1, in Dalian, Liaoning, the major wharves that had been silent for several months due to the fishing moratorium began to lively.

At about 8 o'clock, the Haiyang Island of Changhai County was a lively scene. With the colorful smoke and firecrackers in full bloom, the neatly arranged fishing fleets were at full force and sailed to their respective sea areas to start the new season of farming, pastoralism and fishing.

  "I hope there will be a good harvest this year!" Li Wenxiang, the local ship owner, told a reporter from China News Agency that he and the workers had been busy half a month ago, repairing fishing nets and installing part of the fishing boat equipment, and made full preparations for fishing.

He told reporters that it is precisely because of the regular annual suspension of fishing and avoiding the golden period of fish reproduction and growth that marine fishery resources can be recuperated, which has obvious ecological benefits.

  According to the Dalian Maritime Safety Administration, after the fishing moratorium is over, a large number of fishing boats along the coast of Dalian will intensively go out to sea. The activities of fishing boats at sea have reached a peak, and the risk of collision accidents between commercial fishing boats has increased sharply.

  In order to maintain the order of maritime navigation and ensure the safety of ships, the Dalian Maritime Safety Administration, border defense and other units dispatched law enforcement patrol boats to cruise in densely navigable waters, maintain a smooth and orderly water navigation order, and effectively prevent the occurrence of collisions of commercial fishing vessels, and do Good emergency preparations for emergencies.