Mitsubishi Electric has revealed that inspection frauds are occurring one after another at factories in various places, such as using different parts for samples used for inspection even with low-voltage circuit breakers newly manufactured at factories in Hiroshima Prefecture. bottom.

According to the company, a new inspection fraud was discovered in a low-voltage circuit breaker for industrial machinery manufactured at Fukuyama Works in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

This product has undergone regular inspections by a third-party organization in the United States in order to deal with overseas companies, but in order to pass the inspection, parts different from mass-produced products are used for product samples, and the voltage is lower than the conditions. It means that he was doing the test at.

The fraud has been around since 2005, and it was revealed by last month in an internal investigation conducted after a series of problems were discovered.

2.43 million units of this low-voltage circuit breaker have been shipped both domestically and internationally, but only sample products have been fraudulent, and mass-produced products that have already been shipped are safe because they have been properly inspected. There is no problem with sex.

Regarding Mitsubishi Electric, it was revealed that the inspection of railway air conditioners manufactured at a factory in Nagasaki Prefecture had been fraudulent in June, and after that, fraudulent inspections were found at factories in Kagawa Prefecture. I am.

An external investigative committee will also investigate this fraud in detail.